These colleges have every intention of returning to campus this fall

These universities have announced that their campuses will be open for the fall 2020 semester.

Several universities have announced plans to re-open campus for the fall semester.

Universities nationwide are planning on allowing both students and faculty back on campus for the upcoming fall semester.

According to university administrators, the situation will be monitored closely with the help of local health departments in each state.

This decision comes after COVID-19 forced campuses around the country to close for not only the spring 2020 term but the approaching summer semester as well.

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University of Alabama

In an interview with, chancellor of the University of Alabama system, Finis E. St. John lV noted that the university is, “expecting to have a fall semester at all of our universities.” He continued on to state that, “we fully expect to have on-campus instruction,” and added that, “we don’t know what the circumstances will be, but we are trying to be ready.”

Baylor University

Baylor University President Linda Livingstone wrote in an update to faculty and students that BU will follow the trend of opening up campus again. “Today I want to inform you that we intend to safely resume in-person teaching, learning and residential life for the fall 2020 semester,” the message read. However, she noted that this initiative is contingent on the decline in COVID-19 cases while adding that “guidance from federal, state and local government and public health officials,” will be considered.

Syracuse University

In a podcast segment, chancellor of Syracuse University Kent Syverud said that “unless public health officials say we can’t, Syracuse University will open in the beginning of the fall.” Stressing the importance of health and public safety, Syverud added that SU, “will open with the best public health advice we can get.”

Texas Tech University

TTU President Lawrence Schovanec announced in a letter to staff and students that, “we intend to safely resume in-person teaching, learning, and residential life for the fall 2020 semester using a phased return approach.” He followed up his statement of re-opening campus by adding that, “social distancing and safety protocols will be critical as we return to our classrooms, labs, and residence halls,” while also saying that plans to re-open, “will also include recommendations regarding the use of protective masks, testing and contact-tracing, and other tools.”

University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina interim President Bill Roper released a statement on April 29 specifically relating to the fall semester on UNC’s campus. “I expect to reopen our campuses for the Fall 2020 Semester and look forward to welcoming our faculty and students back to their classrooms and labs this fall,” the statement read.

He also mentioned that during the process of re-opening campus, the university, “will continue to follow the advice of the nation’s infectious disease experts and our own experts at UNC Health.”

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Arizona State University

President of ASU Michael Crow said in an update that the university, “has begun planning to resume in-person classes for the fall semester, scheduled to begin on Thursday, Aug. 20.”

“ASU will implement whatever safety measures and health protocols are necessary to keep students and employees safe,” he included.

University of Vermont

Suresh Garimella, the president of the University of Vermont, stated in a message to students and staff that he is, “confident UVM will be able to return to in-person status in Fall 2020.” Furthermore, he added that although the campus will be open in the near future, the university will still, “require additional precautions on campus, in our classrooms, and in our residence halls and dining facilities.”

Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University, located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, has explicitly said that they will be open for the fall term.

President Jay Clune of Nicholls State wrote in an announcement that, “it is not uncommon these days for university presidents to be asked, ‘what is your plan B for the fall semester?’ My response is always the same, ‘In the fall we’re back on our campus.’”

He also noted that students may witness minor changes on campus in order to return, stating that students “might see a more open concept in classrooms, with fewer desks, campus housing with single occupancy rooms, event spaces on campus that are classrooms by day and social venues by evening.”

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University of Mary Washington

According to a release from the university in Virginia, it will, “resume [their] scheduled academic operations on campus with the start of fall classes on August 24, and [they] remain committed to our residential college experience.”

Concordia University

Concordia University, in Austin Texas, released in a statement relating specifically to the fall 2020 term that, “it is [their] intention that [they] will return to normal operations in the Fall, including face to face and hybrid classes, residential living, and all on-campus activities.”

However, it will still, “continue to monitor local, state and federal health guidelines,” to ensure the health and safety of their campus.”

University of Georgia

According to a message from the University of Georgia President Jere Morehead, UGA is “anticipating a resumption of in-person instruction for the fall semester beginning in August 2020 for all USG institutions.”

“The USG monitors developments related to COVID-19 and receives counsel from state public health officials,” the message continued.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon has informed students and staff that, “the university currently intends to return to in-person, on-campus instruction this fall.” Still, UO stressed the importance of information from health entities in the state and, “will be informed by guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Lane County Public Health.”

Texas A&M University

President Michael K. Young wrote in a message to all associated with Texas A&M that they, “plan to be fully open and operational, with dedicated faculty and staff leaning into preparing for all the requirements necessary to do so safely across academics, athletics and campus activities.” The university will still, “follow updated federal, state officials and healthcare guidance,” in regards to opening up its campus according to the message.”

California Baptist University

CBU stated in an update that it too plans on opening its campus soon.

Officials for the university on April 23 said that CBU is, “prepared and planning” to reopen for the fall 2020 semester. 

According to Kent Dactus, vice president for enrollment and student services at CBU, “we are hearing from many students that they are eager to return to campus and we are eager to welcome them—returning students and new students alike.”

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Christopher Newport University

Christopher Newport University has notified students and staff that it is planning for campus life to resume in the fall.

“We are planning for our classes to resume on campus in the Fall,” the announcement read.

However, it depends on, “the state of the coronavirus and direction from Richmond and Washington,” according to the update.

Old Dominion University

“I feel it important to say: ‘ODU Will Open This Fall’,” said President John R. Broderick in a recent statement on April 29.

However, he added that ODU, “intend[s] to reopen [their] campus, but not until public health restrictions are lifted.”

Northern Michigan University

The NMU Board of Trustees approved a plan from university President Fritz Erickson

”The Board is in strong agreement with the plan to resume face-to-face instruction this fall,” NMU Board of Trustees Chairman Steve Mitchell said, according to WJMN-TV. “We have great confidence that we will be able return to in-person instruction in a manner that is as safe as possible for our students, as well as all of the employees of NMU.”

Southern Methodist University

SMU President Gerald Turner announced the opening of the Dallas campus, saying, “clearly, we will work within the boundaries of governmental guidelines as we plan for the beginning of fall classes. Be assured, every phase of our return to campus will launch with the health and safety of our campus population in mind.”

University of Texas System

UT System Chancellor James Milliken told the Texas Tribune that UT schools will largely reopen in the fall. 

”It’s pretty clear we will be open in the fall. Not entirely like last fall, but not like this spring, either,” Milliken said.

Texas Christian University

TCU President Victor Boschini said the university is planning to reopen the campus in the fall.

“The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our responsibility and our highest priority. As an institution of higher learning, we also must preserve our academic environment, the intellectual advancement of our students, and safely provide all that the TCU experience promises,” Boschini said

Montana State University

MSU President Waded Cruzado said in an email Thursday, “we are actively working on careful plans to open our campus for the fall semester and to offer face-to-face course delivery, in accordance with health guidelines and protocols.” 

Missouri Southern State University

”We intend to open face-to-face classes in the fall and (are) making every effort to be on campus with a full array of campus activities,” MSSU President Alan Marble said, according to the Joplin Globe. “We have backup plans if needed, but we fully plan to be open in the fall.”

Middle Tennessee State University

MTSU President Sidney McPhee announced Thursday, “I have decided to resume on-campus and in-person classes and operations for the Fall 2020 semester. Please know that our actions ultimately will be guided by the advice and recommendations of the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state public health officials concerning the coronavirus.”

University of Arizona

UA President Robert Robbins announced Thursday that on-campus classes will resume this fall. 

”I am pleased to publicly announce today our intention to return to in-person classes at the University of Arizona for the fall semester. We will honor all local, state and federal protective measures that apply, and, of course, there are many factors that remain beyond our control. However, we are tackling what is within our control to ensure our students have the opportunity for a full on-campus experience,” Robbins said.

Concord University

Concord University Kendra Boggess announced Thursday plans to reopen the West Virginia campus this fall. 

“After countless meetings, any number of discussions and careful consideration, I am announcing today that Concord University is making plans to safely re-open its campus in the fall,” Boggess wrote, according to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

Regent University

”Regent University will open the Virginia Beach campus for face-to-face classes beginning on August 24, 2020. In order to protect students, faculty, and staff, Regent will implement state-of-the-art health and safety protocols,” the university said in a Facebook post on Thursday. 

Dordt University

As KCAU-TV reported, Dordt University will resume in-person classes this fall. 

“I have confidence in Dordt’s student services staff and medical professionals as well as the Sioux Center medical team as we prepare to have students return to campus. With great care and concern, we will seek to make Dordt University one of the safest places an 18-24-year-old can be until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed,” Dordt University President Erik Hoekstra said. 

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas announced Friday that it would resume in-person classes this fall. KU Provost Douglas Girod said, “our plan is to resume on-campus operations in some capacity this fall. The framework is flexible and will guide us if we need to take a step back to better preserve the health of our community members.” 

University of Kentucky

UK President Eli Capilouto said Friday that “our goal” is to “open in August for our Fall semester,” emphasizing the need to “act quickly over the next month-and-half to reinvent or reimagine what is normal in the wake of this public health crisis.”

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