WATCH: Leftist Bill Maher rips into 'insane' Critical Race Theory for 'making people crazy'

Leftist comedian Bill Maher spoke out against Critical Race Theory on his show Friday, calling it "insane."

Acknowledging that "there is racist problems in this country," Maher said that Critical Race Theory is "hyperbole."

Leftist comedian Bill Maher has been an outspoken opponent of Critical Race Theory, and his most recent show on Friday was no exception. 

Maher spoke with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly about her decision to pull her kids from their New York City schools over Critical Race Theory activities, including her eight-year-old being told to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians telling the Major League Baseball team why their name is racist. 

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Maher and Kelly also discussed an assignment given to students at one New York City public school, which was developed by a university professor, outlining the “8 White identities,” ranging from “White abolitionist” to “white supremacist.”

Speaking specifically to one of Kelly’s children’s assignments, Maher said, “It bothers me so much that I have to be on this side of this issue because I’ve always been a civil rights advocate. Don’t make me Tucker Carlson. You’re the f***ing nuts. This is insane.” 

”There is racist problems in this country but this is hyperbole and this is making people crazy...This is not the way we get to the promised land,” Maher added. 

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”Absolutely not,” Kelly agreed. “It’s divisive. It’s racist and it’s having exactly the opposite effect of the one they intend.” 

The two went on to discuss a controversy at Smith College that made national headlines. 

As Campus Reform previously covered, a staffer resigned over what she characterized as a “racially hostile environment” brought about by anti-racist teaching. 

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