Jacobson rebuts prof who says it's racist to question COVID-19 origin: 'What is racist about searching and trying to find the truth?'

On the latest episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform's Ophelie Jacobson criticized Virginia Tech professor Matt Gabriele, who called Republican lawmakers demanding an investigation into the origin of Covid-19, “f***ing racist a**holes.”

Jacobson unleashed on Gabriel’s claims, insisting that the American people deserve answers: “What is racist about searching and trying to find the truth? Since when did it become offensive to try and find the actual story and the actual origins of Covid-19." 

“[The Republican congressmen] want to uncover the answers for the American people. They want transparency for citizens; that’s what they were elected to the House of Representatives to do.”  

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Jacobson then said that political correctness has crushed the ability for people to ask simple questions. 

“Good luck trying to find a question that pleases the left’s narrative. Because if it doesn’t, you can’t even ask it without being called racist,” she said. 

In the rest of the episode, Jacobson discussed a Syracuse professor who claimed that "conservatism" is synonymous with white supremacy, and exposed the hypocrisy of Ivy League schools that are condemning anti-Asian hate while allegedly discriminating against Asian applicants in their college admissions process. 

Watch the full video above.

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