College student calls police over roomate chore spat

A student at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, accused her roommate of harassment and damaging her car after that roommate left a note asking her to tidy up.

The accusing student believed that her roommate's request amounted to a crime.

A passive-aggressive note between roommates at Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio led to an accusation of harassment and damaging of property, according to a police blotter posted on

On Feb. 19, a 20 year old student - unnamed in the police blotter - made a complaint to local law enforcement that one of her roommates, also a Baldwin-Wallace student, was harassing her. 

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The supposed harassment arose from a dispute about cleaning, in which the accused roommate left a note on the bathroom mirror reading, "I am not your [expletive] mother. Clean the bathroom." The police blotter says this was at minimum a second attempt, at minimum, to get the complainant to clean up: "The student removed the note, but it reappeared," according to the report. 

The complainant told police that the roommate had damaged one of the windshield wipers on her car, but police found only "a slight bend near the blade" that could have been caused by "anything or anyone." The responding officers were able to fix the supposed damage; they simply "bent the wiper back into shape."

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The officers' explanation and reasoning did not satisfy the complainant. The blotter describes her as "frustrated that police believe no crime was committed." Baldwin-Wallace University did not respond to a request for comment. No information has been made public on whether or not the complainant decided to finally clean the bathroom. 

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