Georgetown University professor is under fire after quoting a racial slur from a historic Supreme Court case

The incident occured during a 'political systems' class on a landmark Klu Klux Klan court case.

Students found the professor's apologies insufficient.

A professor at Georgetown University is under fire for using the n-word in an academic context, reading a quote from Clarence Brandenburg, a Ku Klux Klan leader, in reference to the Supreme Court case Brandenburg v. Ohio.

Michele Swers, an American Government professor at Georgetown University, used the quote during her U.S. Political Systems class, according to The Hoya.

Mirka Sosa, a student in Swers’ class, told The Hoya that the incident was "harmful" to students.

"Professor Swers, as a white person should not say that word at all. This incident was very harmful to many students, especially students of color in this class, and I do not feel like she took full accountability for that," Sosa said.

Georgetown student Liam Downer-Sanderson told Campus Reform that the allegations are baseless.

“Despite apologizing and removing all references to the word in question, professor Swers was further criticized by a group of unhinged extremists who insisted that her response was insufficient,” Downer-Sanderson said.

“These antagonists, who know just as well as anyone else that professor Swers intended no harm by her actions, are unforgiving and vicious," Downer-Sanderson said. "If these extremists are genuinely concerned about racial justice, there are real issues that need tackling."

Campus Reform reached out to Georgetown University for comment, but did not receive a response.

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