An assistant dean at Brandeis University made the comments on Instagram, stating that 'I hate whiteness.'

The university official invoked Critical Race Theory in her post.

Kate Slater, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs at Brandeis University, posted on Instagram that “all White people are racist” and that she “hate[s] Whiteness.” 

The post has been taken down and the account made private after Slater’s initial posting in May. 

Slater, who describes herself as an “anti-racist scholar and educator,” made her comments in support of Critical Race Theory. 

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A spokesperson for the Young Americans for Liberty at Brandeis University told Campus Reform that “it is clear that the dean’s [comments] are fueled by anger and ignorance,” explaining that “the way she addresses the problems she seeks to solve are unhelpful and divisive.”

“The most disheartening thing about the dean’s words,” the YAL chapter spokesperson continued, “is that by encouraging this line of thinking she is only stifling genuine and productive discussion of these matters and thus the resolution of the problems that she seeks to solve.”

Campus Reform reached out to Slater for comment but did not hear back from the educator. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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