WATCH: Students DEMAND climate change policies, but won't promise to do their part

A new survey shows that Gen Z and millennials are the most likely to get involved in climate change activism. And with growing calls for politicians to enact policies that would combat climate change, Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked to students at Georgetown University to see just how much they were willing to do to combat the crisis.

When Jacobson asked students if Americans should be doing everything in their power to combat climate change, every single student said yes.

“It’s very why not,” one student said. “This shouldn’t even be a question.”

Jacobson then asked students to sign a pledge vowing to give up all personal air travel, eat three cold meals a week, and reduce the number of times they use their car, all in the name of fighting climate change. 

Not a single student signed the pledge. 

Students also admitted that politicians probably wouldn’t be willing to give up the same things even though they’re the ones calling for change. 

Watch the full video above to see the excuses students made up for not signing the pledge. 

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