U of Chicago student coalition advocates CRT, organizes boycott against graduation at its 'racist and imperialist' university

UChicago United is encouraging students to skip the University of Chicago's graduation ceremony on June 9 and attend its rally on June 13.

The student organization is calling to 'abolish the University as we know it.'

UChicago United, a group of “students of color committed to racial justice at The University of Chicago” is boycotting the school’s convocation, a graduation ceremony, on June 9. 

The group called the University of Chicago a “racist and imperialist university” in its tweet announcing the boycott. The same tweet also provides information for UChicago United’s on-campus rally on July 13.

Among the organization’s priorities is to “abolish the University as we know it.” Recommendations to achieve abolition include anti-gentrification policies and a ban on “all academic penalties.” 

Additionally, the UChicago United is demanding on its website a new academic department that “must teach and uplift movement-based knowledges [sic], the revolutionary theory and practice of successful and unsuccessful, past and present social movements worldwide.”

UChicago United also maintains three main hashtag campaigns. These are #CareNotCops, #EthnicStudiesNow, and #CommunityCentersNow. Among the organization’s demands are defunding the University of Chicago Police Department, establish a Critical Race and Ethnic Studies program steeped in leftist theory and activism, and create spaces to honor radicals such as Assata Shakur.

Tomorrow’s convocation will feature speaker Deborah Nelson, a professor and the former director of the  Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the university. 

Campus Reform reached out to UChicago United for comment; the article will be updated accordingly.