Free speech for all? National trends show a one-sided story

Trends show that tolerance of free speech diminishes when it comes from conservatives.

'Campus Reform' continues to report on liberal abuse on campus, where conservatives are often subjected to unfair treatment and double standards.

Younger Americans are less inclined to support free speech when it comes from the other side of the political divide.

Adults between 18-34 years old are “less supportive of free speech than older generations, except when it comes to insulting the Stars and Stripes,” Foreign Policy reported last week. 

Campus Reform has reported time and time again on stories of one-sided liberal bias on the issue of free speech. Here are just a few.

1. University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley has had a long history of committing actions that limit freedom of speech. This includes once when the university attempted to silence a conservative group by preventing their speaker from going on campus. 

It should be of no surprise to no one that they would host a speaker who believed that the first amendment should be further limited.

2. University of Oregon

Back in 2017, University President Schill attempted to protect freedom of speech on Campus. The students on his campus did not agree. 

The students on his campus would go on to shout him down. The students would shout “Nothing about us without us!” and repeatedly referring to Schill as “CEO Schill.” They would additionally complain about “fascist” propaganda.

3. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan has shown a unique level of hypocrisy. Years ago students aggressively chanted against Charles Murray’s appearance at an event. Protestors screamed “Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist, KKK! Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist KKK!,” 

The school however is home to a professor who has referred to former President Donald Trump as a “mad bomber.” He was not met anywhere near as much backlash.

4. Columbia University

When college Republicans attempted to host Anthony Scaramucci, they were met with backlash. Students would yell “Dear students, what is anti-Black racism?” Other students would demand that they “Decolonize Columbia,”

Columbia University now hosts a ‘deconstructing whiteness’ workshop for ‘white-identified students.’ This tells you everything about the school.

5. Duke University

Duke University is home to students who in the past have attempted to shut down Campus Reform from interviewing students on campus. On student stated, “We are not going to talk to you because you are part of Campus Reform, now leave.”

At Duke University however social justice advocates such as the singer John Legend are invited to speak at commencement ceremonies. Legend would state “America’s story has always been marred by efforts to exclude, to dominate, to subjugate… to keep certain groups of people with no voice, no power, and no opportunity,” 

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