CAMPUS PROFILE: University of Virginia

Conservative and Liberal Student Organizations:

Conservative Organizations:

Advocates for Life at Virginia Law

College Republicans at University of Virginia

Hoos for Life 

Law Republicans at UVA

Network of Enlightened Women

Turning Point USA

Young Americans for Freedom at UVA

Liberal Organizations:

American Constitution Society 

If/When/How Lawyering for Reproductive Justice at UVA Law

Planned Parenthood Generation Action at UVA

Students Demand Action at UVA

University Democrats at UVA

Virginia Law Democrats

Young Democratic Socialists of America at UVA


The Q Anthology of Queer Culture

Feminist Legal Forum

Minority Rights Coalition

OpenSecrets Data on the University of Virginia Employee Political Donations:

In the 2020 election cycle, 94.94% of University of Virginia employee political donations went towards Democratic campaigns or political action committees, while just 5.06% went to Republican campaigns or political action committees, according to data from OpenSecrets.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

The University of Virginia has a green light rating. According to FIRE, "Green light institutions are those colleges and universities whose policies nominally protect free speech."

Stories by Campus Reform about the University of Virginia:

UVA student gov cancels bill condemning cancel culture

A member of the Student Council Representative Body at the University of Virginia proposed a resolution on March 16 that would condemn cancel culture against members of the campus community.

Students scrap all gendered pronouns from constitution. 

Nearly 89 percent of students who voted in the University of Virginia’s recent Student Council elections approved removing gendered pronouns from their constitution.

UVA restricts signage allowed on university bulletin boards.

After University of Virginia students posted signage critical of the school on their dorm room exteriors, the school issued new restrictions on the public display of messaging.

UVA student gov moves to have gardens instead of fossil fuels.

Student Council members at the University of Virginia passed a bill encouraging the school to “divest” from fossil fuel investments.

UVA to keep relaxed testing policy due to COVID-19

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Virginia will be a test-optional school until 2023.

Student opinion writer calls to ‘stand up’ to racist family at Thanksgiving.

An opinion columnist at the University of Virginia’s student newspaper encouraged her readers to “stand up” to “ racist family” at Thanksgiving.

UVA president bucks backlash to Thomas Jefferson statue

University of Virginia President Jim Ryan affirmed his controversial stance on keeping a statue of Thomas Jefferson on campus.

UVA wants to earmark $1 billion for racial equity

The University of Virginia’s Racial Equity Task Force released a dozen recommendations for improving racial equity at the university. The proposal calls for the renaming of buildings, mandatory implicit bias training, reparations for descendants of slaves, and nearly $1 billion in financial investments.

Revolutionary War statue doused in red paint at UVA

A statue of George Rogers Clark was found covered in red paint on the University of Virginia campus.

Charged video shows person stating “too many white people in here”.

A video from the University of Virginia’s new Multicultural Center surfaced on Twitter Wednesday, showing a black woman shouting her about sharing the space with white people.

Petition wants Lewis and Clark statue removed.

An ongoing petition calls for the University of Virginia (UVA) to remove a statue associated with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, calling it a “monument to genocide.”

Charlottesville scraps Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as a paid holiday, UVA CR’s are livid.

University of Virginia's College Republicans chapter slammed Charlottesville, Va. for dropping former president and UVA founder Thomas Jefferson's birthday as a paid holiday for the city.

UVA Men’s basketball team refuses White House invitation

The University of Virginia men's basketball team announced that will not accept an invitation to visit the White House. The announcement came amid a petition calling on the 2019 NCAA mens basketball champions to boycott visiting the president .

Biden tried to capitalize on Charlottesville tragedy, UVA CR comments.

The College Republicans chapter at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville slammed Joe Biden after the former vice president and newly declared 2020 Democrat presidential candidate used the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally as a launchpad for his campaign.

UVA course teaches on how liberal whites commit micro-aggressions.

The University of Virginia held a one-credit hour course during the fall 2018 semester that was aimed at describing why “liberal whites” use microaggressions as a way to vent their frustrations over racial, cultural, and sexual equality.

UVA Latinx students demand more Latinx representation.

"Latinx" students and organizations at the University of Virginia are petitioning the school to devote more effort toward expanding diversity and inclusion among the Hispanic community on campus. 

UVA students triggered over hiring of a former Trump official. 

Students and professors are demanding that the University of Virginia revoke the appointment of former Trump administration official Marc Short as a senior fellow.

Mega-phone wielding students disrupt pro-Israel event on campus. 

The University of Virginia forcefully denounced the use of the so-called “heckler’s veto” after protesters aggressively disrupted a pro-Israel event on campus last week.

Under pressure UVA recognizes YAF chapter

The University of Virginia (UVA) has agreed to recognize a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter on campus after the group accused the school of illegally rejecting the organization.

UVA CR’s smeared as racists.

The University of Virginia College Republicans group got a welcome assist from its Democratic counterpart after its members were falsely accused of participating a riot. 

Student Gov candidate deemed unfit to run due to support of President Trump.

University of Virginia students are claiming that a classmate is ‘unsuited’ to serve as Student Council president because of her support for Donald Trump.

UVA students start petition to ban Christmas

CRO reporters Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips visited UVA, created a faux student group called “Students for an Inclusive Holiday Season,” and asked students to sign a petition getting rid of school references to Christmas because of the holiday’s “oppressive” and “triggering” nature.

Student says that being American is the biggest micro-aggression.

During a "Managing Microaggressions" event at the University of Virginia, students spoke out against microaggressions like identifying as “American” and criticizing someone’s taste in food.

UVA panelists ponder whether trigger warnings are empowering or alienating. 

At a University of Virginia panel, panelists discussed a hierarchy of people supported by trigger warnings, noting that trigger warnings sometimes exist for content relating to sexual assault, but not material concerning racism.

Students petition to remove a senator who didn’t vote on immigration group on campus,.

Students at the University of Virginia (UVA) are petitioning for the immediate removal of a conservative student representative who refused to vote in favor a university-funded group for illegal immigrants.

UVA paper retracts April Fool’s story.

University of Virginia’s student newspaper has apologized after receiving criticism from students and organizations for publishing two satirical articles on April Fool's Day.

Rolling stone retracts horrific gang rape story.

Almost a month after Rolling Stone published a harrowing piece on an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, the pop culture magazine has issued an apology and appears to backtrack its support of the article.

Stories about professors at the University of Virginia:

Professor calls for Secretary of Equity position in Joe Biden’s cabinet

University of Virginia associate professor Ebony Hilton is calling on Joe Biden to create a secretary of equity.

UVA professor says that architecture part of ‘Western tradition of power’

Louis Nelson, a professor of architectural history and vice provost for academic outreach at the University of Virginia, spoke about the architectural field’s “context of an inherited whiteness.”

UVA instructor says ‘topple the government’ if worst case election scenario plays out.

University of Virginia Postdoctoral Fellow David Walsh posted on his personal Twitter feed that Americans need to do more than protest if the "worst-case scenario" happens following Tuesday's presidential election. 

Professor compares Trump’s rhetoric to Southern enslaver

University of Virginia History Professor Elizabeth Varon wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post titled “Trump’s 2020 playbook is coming straight from Southern enslavers.”

Instructor wants the word student athlete banned

Molly Harry, a Ph.D. student at the University of Virginia who is studying intercollegiate athletics authored an op-ed suggesting that the phrase “student-athlete" be abolished. Harry's LinkedIn profile describes her as an "instructor and graduate research assistant."

UVA researcher fired after stealing trade secrets for China.

A Chinese national who was conducting fluid dynamics and bio-mimics research at the University of Virginia was arrested and charged with accessing a computer without authorization and theft of trade secrets on Friday, August 28.

Professor denied tenure blames racism.

The University of Virginia denied tenure to one of its professors earlier this year but later granted the privilege after being accused of racism.

UVA Professors quit after hire of former Trump official.

Two University of Virginia (UVA) history professors announced their joint resignation from the Miller Center to protest the hiring of former Trump administration official Marc Short.

Leftist professor leads UVA commission on segregation.

A professor who compared President Trump to a “crappy bottle of Yellowtail Chardonnay” and a professor who called civility “subjective” have been chosen to co-chair a University of Virginia commission on segregation.

Students and Professors triggered over Thomas Jefferson quotes.

Hundreds of students at the University of Virginia have signed a petition requesting that their president stop quoting Thomas Jefferson in official university communications.

Professors told that they must include diversity and inclusion in syllabi.

Instead of focusing solely on their coursework, University of Virginia professors are being asked to inspect their syllabi for non-inclusive subtextual messages.

Professor tells student that listing genders on official doc is ‘nonsensical’.

A professor from Temple University recently told students during a talk at the University of Virginia that sex markers are “poor proxies” because “maleness and femaleness are characteristics that we share with a lot of other people.”

Stories about questionable policies at the University of Virginia:

University of Virginia changes logo due to ‘ties with racism’.

The University of Virginia is altering its athletic logo following backlash over the symbol's connection to slavery.

Student told they couldn’t serve their country and finish their semester.

The University of Virginia is backtracking after initially telling one of its law students that she may have to withdraw because her National Guard unit was activated to assist in New York State amid the coronavirus crisis.

UVA decides to scrap 21 salute at Veterans Day ceremony.

The University of Virginia axed its traditional Veterans Day 21-gun salute this year, citing concerns of potential "panic" caused to students by gunfire on campus.

UVA students say that mandatory bias training is pushing a liberal agenda.

The University of Virginia now requires all incoming freshmen to complete an “Understanding Implicit Bias” educational program during their first months on campus.

UVA’s $2.3 billion fund dwarfs Virginia’s own cash reserves.

The University of Virginia (UVA) has amassed a $2.3 billion “strategic investment fund,” prompting elected officials to weigh in on how the money should be spent.

UVA forms committee to discuss party culture mural.

The University of Virginia has created a committee to consider repainting or hiding a mural that depicts student revelers and what some professors perceive as an image implying a student-professor sexual relationship.

UVA refuses to release rape response.

The Associated Press revealed Sept. 8 that the University of Virginia refused a request for an executive summary of an independent review of the university’s response to a rape allegation made in 2012. The case, made famous by the debunked 2014 Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA,” put the university under scrutiny for appearing to value its public image over the welfare of sexual assault victims.