WATCH: Rep. Byron Donalds says debate on campus is 'necessary'

Donalds and Jacobson talked about Florida’s latest efforts to ban Critical Race Theory in K-12 education.

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson spoke with Representative Byron Donalds about the issues that students are facing at higher education institutions and how leadership at the state level in Florida can help find solutions for students on campus.

Donalds and Jacobson talked about Florida’s latest efforts to ban Critical Race Theory in K-12 education. Donalds told Campus Reform that this ban should be applied to higher education institutions. 

“The board of directors and college presidents have to do a much better job in making sure that our students aren’t being indoctrinated,” Donalds said. “There’s a fine line between actually learning and understanding these different theories that exist and indoctrination. We need to stop indoctrination.”

Donalds also expressed his support for the intellectual diversity bill that DeSantis signed in June. 

“There should be a wide amount of freedom and tolerance for all ideas at the college level. That’s very, very important for the future of our country,” Donalds said. 

Donalds and Jacobson also discussed the importance of debate on college campuses and how students should approach the upcoming school year with regards to freedom of speech and indoctrination.

Watch the full interview with Representative Byron Donalds above.

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