REPORT: ASU students from viral video faced disciplinary action for their behavior

In September 2021, the two students recorded themselves yelling at two White students for utilizing the university’s multicultural center.

According to the students, they were given a warning and had to write a three-page paper as punishment.

 Mastaani Qureshi and Sarra Tekola, the Arizona State University Tempe students who recorded themselves yelling at two White students for utilizing the school’s multicultural center, have now reportedly faced disciplinary action for the September 2021 incident. 

The students explained in an online video that they were made to write a “three-page paper” about “how next time when we talk with White people about race in society, we will be civil,” according to the students. 

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They also referenced receiving a “warning” from the university. 

Campus Reform previously covered ASU’s Code of Conduct charges against Qureshi and Tekola, as well professors at the university that opposed the measure.

Campus Reform reached out to ASU to confirm the disciplinary action. A university representative told Campus Reform, “federal laws governing student privacy and state regulations prevent the university from discussing the details of an individual student’s situation.” 

Campus Reform reached out to Qureshi and Tekola for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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