University requires masks for spectators, not athletes

The University of Mount Union will be requiring masks for all athletic events this month.

Masks will also be required in all indoor areas on campus until instructed otherwise.

The University of Mount Union in Ohio recently announced that it will be requiring masks for all at-home athletic events regardless of vaccination status.

"All individuals, regardless of vaccination status" at the university are now required to wear masks in "all indoor public areas" and at "all campus events and activities."

The university has so far stipulated that the measure will be in place "at least" through the end of the month, adding "It is our hope that the use of face coverings on campus during the early part of the semester will help us mitigate the spread of the virus."

The announcement did not specify the reevaluation process to potentially extend this mandate beyond January.

A university spokesperson clarified to Campus Reform that this policy will not apply to athletes during competition, but that spectators would be subject to the policy as written, at least until it is "reevaluated" at the end of January.

"There are no events scheduled outside from now until January 31, 2022," the university spokesperson added.

Mount Union student-athlete Zach Berdysz told Campus Reform that while athletes are not required to wear masks during play, "they are required to wear them on the benches and sidelines.”

“I am in no favor of any kind of mandates but will do what I can to keep my season alive. I would much rather have a mask mandate than a vaccination mandate, so I am happy that it has not yet come to that quite yet," Berdysz said.

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