ASU cancels fundraiser with Republican congressmen

A fundraiser featuring two Republican congressmen was canceled by Arizona State University.

A university spokesman told Campus Reform that the event was canceled due to a breached scheduling protocol, but failed to specify which policy was violated.

Arizona State University canceled a fundraiser featuring two Republican congressmen, a school representative confirmed to Campus Reform

The event, advertised to take place mid-February, was slated to feature Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs and former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz. The event was set to benefit the Political History and Leadership (PHL) program at ASU.

ASU senior media relations office Jerry Gonzalez told Campus Reform that the event was canceled “due to a breach of scheduling protocol by a faculty member” in the program, but declined to specify which policy was violated.

“The university welcomes the opportunity for this event to be rescheduled following the required protocols,” Gonzalez said.

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According to the program website, the Political History and Leadership program “promotes leadership and civic involvement by imparting a deeper understanding of the meaning of political liberty and economic well-being to undergraduate students.”

“Students will learn and discuss political thought in order to foster a better understanding of past and present government,” the description continues. “Through these courses, you will be able to apply your knowledge to larger issues and become a leader in your community and career.”

Arizona Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi called the cancellation "outrageous," suggesting that University President Michael Crow and ASU canceled the fundraiser "because they oppose the views and philosophy of the featured speakers attending the event,” 

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“It is becoming clear that woke cancel culture has taken over every office at the University,” Mussi told Campus Reform

“ASU doesn’t have a problem with liberal activists and public officials appearing at the school for various events,” Mussi added. “It is well known that Democrat politicians, including US Senator [Kyrsten Sinema], have in the past or currently work for the University at taxpayer expense. It only becomes a problem when the speaker is a conservative.”

Mussi leveled a personal attack against ASU President Michael Crowe for caving to the woke left, stating “If Michael Crowe is going to surrender to the ‘cancel culture’ mob, then he is no longer fit to be ASU President and should resign.”

Campus Reform was unable to reach Congressman Biggs or Chaffetz for comment.