Is California Lutheran University promoting different religions?

Photos obtained by Campus Reform show a university prayer room offers a variety of religion symbols.

A prayer room in a chapel at California Lutheran University includes numerous religious objects for students to use, despite its Lutheran affiliation.

Photos obtained by Campus Reform show different religious tools put in the Samuelson Chapel "Mediation Room," also known as the "prayer room." 

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Objects include religious readings such as The Study Quran and The Upanishads- a Hindu philosophy book. Under the stained glass window, an array of other items are laid out including a statue of Buddha.

On the wall of the room is a poster titled "The Golden Rule" that includes a description of a variety of religions.

Varied religions are advertised on the university's website as well.

Under the "Worship" tab, the university lists "Local Houses of Worship" than can be found near campus. The worship centers include, but are not limited to, Lutheran churches.

Non-Lutheran centers include An Lac Mission-Ventura Buddhist Study Group, Bahai Faith, Hindu Temple Society, and Islamic Center of the Conejo Valley.

 “In addition to campus worship, houses of worship representing many different denominations and faiths are within an easy commute from Cal Lutheran's campus to help you find a house of worship where you feel at home," the CLUs website states.

While attending a Lutheran University, students are encouraged to seek out other religious facilities that allow them to feel at home.

The University encourages an “Interfaith Dialogue” that promotes “a safe place to ask questions, talk together, and learn from the spiritual journeys of others."

The description claims the interfaith dialogue can help students "delv[e] deeper into [their] own faith traditions."

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All are welcome, no one is an outsider here,” the university website states. 

“Our students come from more than 59 countries and embody a wide variety of faiths,” it continues. “At Cal Lutheran, your personal convictions and beliefs are honored and respected.”

“We also provide you with opportunities to consider and discuss matters of faith and intellect in an open and friendly environment. This challenges and strengthens you with new intellectual and theological reflections.” 

Campus Reform reached out to California Lutheran Universities Campus Ministry and Media Relations for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.