Catholic organization cursed at by Georgetown students

A Catholic student group called TFP Student Action held a 'pro-family' event on the 'public sidewalk' of Georgetown University.

The protesters chanted 'F*** these transphobes.'

Georgetown University students recently confronted a Catholic student group called TFP Student Action at the latter's “pro-family” event next to the campus with “twerking, spitting, and cursing.” 

On Apr. 14, TFP Student Action volunteers stood on the "public sidewalk" of Georgetown University, according to the group, to “defend family values.” 

Georgetown University is a Catholic institution in Washington, DC. 

The members spoke to students as they walked by, handed out flyers titled “10 Reasons Why Transgenderism is the Family’s Worst Enemy,” and held both a poster reading, “STOP transgender bathrooms in school” and a banner stating, “God Created Them Male & Female (Gen. 5:2). Stop the Ravages of Transgender Ideology.” 

TFP Student Action captured video footage of what took place during the event.

“I’m a devout Catholic for many years and I support none of this [expletive],” one student said to TFP Student Action.

One volunteer stated that a male student “spat at [his] leg” when he tried to hand him a flyer.

Director of TFP Student Action John Ritchie told Campus Reform that the group’s goal is “the restoration of Christian Civilization.”  

“In short, our dream is to win the heart and soul of America for Christ the King and His Holy Mother,” he continued.

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According to its website, “TFP Student Action is a project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.” The organization’s mission is to “defend traditional moral values on college campuses” with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

During the incident, while Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way and ABBA's Dancing Queen were played on speakers to drown out the Catholic group’s bagpipes, protesters repeatedly screamed, “F*** your bagpipes,” and danced around the group with transgender flags. 

A female student walked up to the volunteers and said, “We’re walking up and saying get off our campus because no one [expletive] wants you here. Literally nobody.”

The protesters later chanted, “F*** these transphobes.” 

In response, the volunteers prayed the rosary. Outnumbered, they were then surrounded by protestors repeatedly yelling, “Hey hey ho ho these transphobes have got to go,” and giving the volunteers the middle finger in their faces.

“Come in a little closer. We start to scare these n**** away. We scaring these little white folks away. Y’all better come in close,” a student with a bullhorn screamed.

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Ritchie told Campus Reform that the students “showed zero respect for prayer, God, or the sacred institution of the family. And they tried to shut down anyone who believes in the basic truth that God created us male and female.” 

One student told the organization, however, that the work they are doing is “important.” Another pointed at the group’s sign calling for the end to “transgender bathrooms in school” and said, “I like that one right there… That one is very, very important. The truth will set everything free and everyone.”

Ritchie said that the elicited reaction as a whole, however, was “among the worst we ever experienced at a Catholic campus.”

“Georgetown is the oldest Catholic university in America, but you would hardly ever know it because the Faith there has been diluted, discredited, and dishonored so much," Ritchie continued. "Sadly, the rainbow flag gets more respect than the Cross of Christ. It’s disgraceful."

An anonymous university spokesperson condemned TFP’s actions, telling The Hoya“As an institution that values interreligious understanding, inclusion and respect for all persons, we find the viewpoints of this group offensive, degrading and hateful.”

Ritchie told Campus Reform that “promoting moral values on campus in this woke climate is a tough but noble task.”

“We should never lose sight of the fact that we are on the winning side of history, the side of truth and reality,” Ritchie concluded.

Georgetown University did not respond to Campus Reform’s request in time for publication. This article will be updated accordingly.