Lia Thomas is 'most likely to shatter the glass ceiling,' classmates believe

University of Pennsylvania seniors voted Lia Thomas 'Most Likely to Shatter the Glass Ceiling' as part of the class of 2022 superlatives.

Thomas took home a national title in the 500-yard freestyle, robbing second-place swimmer Emma Weyant of gold.

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) transgender swimmer Lia Thomas won the senior superlative “Most Likely to Shatter the Glass Ceiling.”

The poll was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania's 2022 Class Board. 

While the votes were cast by the senior class, some UPenn students are expressing their dismay.

“It is just extremely disheartening that a man who dominated a women’s sport is being awarded for his courage and strength,” a female junior student told Campus Reform, requesting anonymity. 

The award, with its reference to "shattering" the glass ceiling, is likely tied to national media coverage Thomas gained throughout his controversial swim season.

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Female students at UPenn, however, told Campus Reform that Thomas’ distinction was insulting to women who have truly overcome adversity during their college careers.

“It is taking a shot at women who have overcome actual challenges,” another female junior said. “There are women on this campus who face challenges that men do not face.”

Thomas, formerly known as "Will," shattered several university swimming records this past season.

Throughout the season, anonymous teammates explained that they felt belittled by Thomas' stardom to outlets including The Daily Wire.

Kimberly Laning, whose daughter competed against Thomas, also spoke out about the unfair treatment of female athletes at the NCAA Women's Swimming Championship.

Thomas took home a national title in the 500-yard freestyle, robbing second-place swimmer Emma Weyant of gold.

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Campus Reform has reported on the controversy that has stirred across the nation in wake of Thomas' season.

Former USA Swimming referee Cynthia Millen resigned her post in December in protest of Thomas. In an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Millen said that when it comes to swimming, “[b]odies compete against bodies. Identities do not compete against identities.”

Campus Reform has also spoken with female swimmers who are concerned about men competing in women's sports teams. 

Saint Louis University swimmer Ingrid Rosko stated that she disagreed with Thomas being eligible to compete on the women's team.

“In general, the top percentage of times are faster for male swimmers than female swimmers,” Rosko told Campus Reform earlier this year. “There are exceptions to that rule, but there is a physiological difference there that can be seen in the overall performance of athletes.”

She continued to say, “Separating men and women in competition allows both men and women to compete at the highest level possible and be recognized for it.”

Campus Reform contacted UPenn and the Class Board for comment and made the best effort to contact Thomas. This article will be updated accordingly.