Campus Profile: Brandeis University

Brandeis University is a private university in Waltham, Massachusetts. Around 3,493 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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Brandeis University is a private university in Massachusetts. Around 3,493 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

Official Political Student Organizations: 

Conservative Organizations: 

Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee

Young Americans for Liberty

Liberal Organizations:

Brandeis Climate Justice

Brandeis Democrats

Brandeis Harry Potter Alliance: Imagine Better

Brandeis Pro-Choice

Brandeis Students for Justice Palestine

Intersectional Feminist Coalition


Jewish Feminist Association


 OpenSecrets Data on Brandeis University Political Donations:


In the 2020 election cycle, Brandeis University employee political donations contributed 99.89% to Democrat candidates, while 0.11% went to Republican candidates.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

Brandeis University has been given a yellow light speech code. According to FIRE, “Yellow light colleges and universities are those institutions with at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application." FIRE also notes that a yellow light policy at a public institution is unconstitutional.



Brandeis University is requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and employees.

Campus Reform stories about Brandeis University:

Brandeis U: Don't say 'policeman' or other 'offensive' language

The Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) at Brandeis University has released an “Oppressive Language List” on its website that encourages the school community to cease using the term “policeman.”

OOPS: Brandeis University uses words from own 'Oppressive Language List' on their website

One Brandeis University office told people to avoid using a list of "oppressive language" from "everyday use," but used multiple words from that exact same list on their own website.

Brandeis University joins universities that cut ties with MESA following passage of BDS resolution

During a voting period that lasted from Jan. 31 through March 22, an overwhelming 80% of member universities of the Middle East Student Association (MESA) voted in favor of ratifying a resolution in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.