WATCH: How to begin in journalism. 'You just have to start.'

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha interviewed intern Emily Fowler for this week's 5 Big Questions.

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha sat down with California Campus Correspondent Emily Fowler to discuss how she began her media career while in college.

Fowler is a junior at Masters University where she studies music. This summer, Fowler traveled to Arlington, Virginia to intern at Campus Reform.

Throughout her internship, she wrote articles to expose liberal bias on college campuses, filmed viral man-on-the-street videos, and gained on-camera experience by appearing on the Joe Pags Show

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The experience will translate back to the Golden State when she returns to campus. Fowler told Schwerha that the freelance work Campus Reform offers college students is manageable with her studies.

"It can be hard to balance at times because, as all students will understand, you have your academic goals and then you have your professional goals," she explained. "But for me, it was one and the same, because the whole college experience is about learning and that's what Campus Reform is about, too."

Fowler then shared that the best advice for college students with an interest in media is to take the initiative to pursue opportunities.

"You just have to start," she encouraged.

Watch the full interview above.

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