BREAKING: Eventbrite removes Matt Walsh's 'What is a Woman' screening event from page

On Wednesday, Eventbrite deleted a promotion for for a screening of the popular Daily Wire documentary 'What is a Woman' to be hosted by the school’s Turning Point USA chapter.

The email stated that the event violated its community guidelines.

At Western Kentucky University yesterday, an advertisement for a screening of the popular Daily Wire documentary “What is a Woman,” hosted by the school’s Turning Point USA chapter, was allegedly deleted by Eventbrite for being counter to its community guidelines.

Maggie Fuchs, a TPUSA Field Representative, told Campus Reform that she was “confused” when she received the email because the listing “just mentioned the film.”

The university is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

Eventbrite, popular for advertising events and activities, alleged that the screening contained material that encourages “hate, violence, or harassment toward others and/or oneself.” 

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The email then threatened that repeated offenses could result in the account being permanently deleted. 

Maksim Zaepfel, Vice President of the TPUSA chapter, told Campus Reform that the listing’s removal was unprompted and that the group received no prior warning from Eventbrite. While he acknowledged that Eventbrite is a private platform, he pointed to an alleged hypocrisy in their ruling.

“It seems kind of unfair,” he said. “I’ve seen drag shows advertised on Eventbrite…but our stuff is just a documentary. It’s not like we’re hating on anybody.”

“What is a Woman” aired on June 1 and highlights Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s journey to find a singular definition of the word. 

Walsh, in a critique of transgenderism, asks pedestrians, academics, and medical experts whether or not they can define what constitutes a woman. The documentary, while praised amongst conservative circles, received backlash from left-wing critics who accused the film of being “transphobic.”

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Andrew Kolvet, TPUSA Spox, told Campus Reform in a provided statement that Eventbrite’s decision “condemn[s] the millions of Americans of all backgrounds who have already seen the film.”

This event is a celebration of free speech, our American birthright, and it’s designed to spark discussion among students. We encourage Eventbrite to immediately reverse this arbitrary decision or risk permanently alienating half of their customer base, a cause we would happily champion.”   

In spite of the Eventbrite controversy, Western Kentucky’s TPUSA chapter intends to move forward with hosting the event later this month. 

Zaepfel told Campus Reform that the censorship wouldn’t deter the group from continuing to advertise, and that they instead will rely on posters and “word of mouth” to spread the word about their event.

“We’re not [going to] be silenced,” Zaepfel declared. 

Fuchs echoed his motivation, telling Campus Reform that there are other avenues of recruitment the chapter will utilize to make the night successful.

“We will just be promoting it even harder on our socials and on campus,” she emphasized.

Campus Reform contacted Western Kentucky University and Eventbrite for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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