Women's March attendee arrested for harassing pro-life students

A woman was arrested at the Women's March in Washington D.C. for harassing pro-life students.

The woman attempted to block the students from marching because of their pro-life sign.

A pro-abortion woman was reportedly arrested at the Washington D.C. Women’s March for harassing Students for Life of America (SFLA) activists.

The woman pushed against the pro-life group’s banner to stop them from marching. The woman was told to move multiple times by the police before being “forcibly moved to the sidewalk,” SFLA Director of Leadership Initiatives Mary Briganti told SFLA. 

Briganti also described the woman as being “overly aggressive.”

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“Despite this encounter, and many other accounts of verbal harassment at the Women’s March, we were happy to be there on behalf of preborn women and women who have been the victims of the abortion industry,” Briganti told Campus Reform. “We are proud, pro-life women, who want to see all of us protected in law and in service. You can’t be pro-woman when you ignore pro-life women, post abortive women who regret their decision, and women in the womb.” 

SFLA president, Kristan Hawkins wrote in Newsweek that “public discourse is changing for the worse” and observed that peaceful protests often result in confrontation.

“Threats and acts of violence against pro-life activists are becoming increasingly common,” Hawkins wrote.

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This semester, SFLA launched its 2022 fall tour “Abortion Is Not Right,” to advocate for pro-life policies on campus. Pro-abortion students responded to the tour by throwing urine at pro-life students, as well as verbally insulting and attempting to intimidate demonstrators.

The pro-life movement has faced aggression by pro-abortion supporters many times, so we work to remain positive, powerful, and loving in our engagement,” Briganti said. “We are not discouraged or deterred from utilizing our free speech rights because we know pro-life free speech is a part of free speech, and the dangerous and destructive reality of abortion needs to be heard.”