Leftist students protest Candace Owens speech

Leftist protesters attempted to shutdown conservative speaker Candace Owens at Michigan State University on Oct. 13.

Owens told the protesters she wanted them to stay, but 'if you just want to shout and be angry communists' they should leave.

Protesters attempted to unnerve conservative speaker Candace Owens at Michigan State University on Oct. 13. 

“We’re not going to let somebody who spouts transphobic conspiracy theories put our LGBTQ+ community members at risk,” one student told the crowd, a video obtained by Campus Reform shows. “We’re not going to allow someone who apologizes for white supremacy to put our Black and Brown comrades at risk.”

The student also accused Owens of being an “election denier,” and alleged that her “fascistic speech leads [to] fascistic action.”

“It directly puts people in danger like you [saw] in Buffalo New York, like you saw on January 6, like you saw in Charlottesville, and in so many other places,” the student continued. “If the university refuses to protect this community from the danger that this type of speech presents, then we will.”

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The protest was organized by the student organization Students United Against Fascism (SUAF), who advertised the protest outside of the North Business College.

“Tell Candace Owens that her hate speech isn’t welcome at MSU,” the poster, obtained by Campus Reform, read.

The students railed against Owens’ conservative views outside the venue, particularly her stance against the gender ideology movement. 

Students chanted “no fascists on our campus” and “say it loud, say it clear, Candace you aren’t welcome here,” video shows.

Henry Mochida, DEI Communications Manager, told Campus Reform the group is not a registered student organization and that “MSU supports freedom of speech in all forms, including peaceful protests.”

MSU Turning Point USA (TPUSA) hosted Owens on campus as part of TPUSA’s “Live Free Tour.” MSU was one stop of the tour’s scheduled 8 campus visits, which feature either Owens or TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk.

Additional  protesters entered the venue during Ownes’ speech, standing up in the back of the packed auditorium, chanting “leave our campus.” Attendees drowned out the shouts of the protesters by responding with a “USA” chant.

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Owens told the protesters she wanted them to stay, but “if you just want to shout and be angry communists” they should leave. The protesters responded by chanting “go home Candace,” and were allegedly escorted out. 

Mochida denied that students were removed from the room. 

Additional protesters, dressed in black and sectioned off by police, flooded the hallway outside of the venue. Protest signs included slogans reading “Keep Fascists Out,” “MSU’s NOT Buying What TPUSA’s Selling,” and “Hate Has No Home Here.”

The crowd chanted “Black Lives Matter” and made obscene gestures to the attendees, another video obtained by Campus Reform shows.

Owens spoke at North Dakota State University on Oct. 17. Kirk will round out the tour with stops at The University of Missouri- Kansas CityFlorida State University, and The University of North Carolina- Charlotte.

Campus Reform contacted MSU, the campus police, Owens, and the TPUSA chapter for comment and will update accordingly.

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