BREAKING: Students plan to shut down Mike Pence speech tonight

Georgetown University students are planning to disrupt Mike Pence’s campus speech tonight.

Campus Reform obtained a leaked screenshot of the protest message.

Georgetown University (GU) students in Washington D.C. are plotting to disrupt Mike Pence’s on-campus speech tonight, a screenshot obtained by Campus Reform confirms.

GU student Sanchi Rohira wrote in a group chat titled “Pence” that she and other group members met over the weekend to plan a protest opposing the former Vice President. The group chat has over 200 students, a source familiar with the situation told Campus Reform.

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Rohira says the upcoming disturbance is two-fold, beginning with recruiting as many students as possible to vacate their seats mid-speech, followed by a sit-in on the steps. 

“After he is introduced, when he begins his monologue, there i will CLAP TWO TIMES,” Rohira wrote. “That is our signal to stand up, walk to the left hand side of the room, link arms, and walk out.”

The students plan to unveil a banner reading “lgbtq+ rights, reproductive rights are human rights” from the Gaston balcony, which will face Pence.

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The group will then “lin[e] the steps” of Healy Hall with homemade signs that will either be made prior to the event or “while in line for the event.”

Additionally, an advertisement for the protest encouraged students who are for “affirming [the] queer community, saying NO to conversion therapy, REPRO JUSTICE, [and] the ‘left wing myth’ of systemic racism” to join the plan.

GU’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter will host Pence at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and all attendees must be fully vaccinated, including booster shots. Pence is slated to speak about “The Future of the Conservative Movement.”

Campus Reform contacted YAF, Pence, the chapter, and the university for comment. This is a breaking news article and will be updated accordingly.

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