Students demand university monitor TPUSA chapter for ‘disinformation’

Over 100 Central Connecticut State University students signed a letter demanding the university restrict the Turning Point USA chapter for advertising a Matt Walsh documentary.

One of the demands includes monitoring the chapter’s communication.

More than 100 Central Connecticut State University students signed an email to the administration demanding the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter be monitored for disinformation and its activities limited.

The email, written by four individuals and supported by 17 student organizations, was sent on Tuesday in response to the conservative chapter’s scheduling viewing of the Matt Walsh Documentary What is a Woman on Thursday. The film, which premiered in June, navigates transgenderism and gender ideology.

“This film is designed to cause harm to transgender people by promoting blatantly false information to reinforce a ‘grooming’ narrative, invalidate and denigrate the identities of transgender people, and to inspire hatred towards transgender people from viewers who may not be aware that the information they are receiving is both false and purposefully harmful,” the authors wrote.

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The authors claim that showing the film “contribut[es] to a culture of hatred toward trans people” and “embed[s] disinformation [which] can result in both direct physical attacks, and in restrictions on their access to medical care.”

The letter demands the university administration cancel the event and hold the TPUSA chapter accountable and alleges the event violates several codes in the Student Code of Conduct including harassment, behavior concerns, and disorderly conduct.

“Their official channels of communication should be monitored for such further disinformation and be acted upon accordingly,” the letter reads. The authors demand the administration make “continuous efforts” to restrict the club and revoke its “university-funded student organization” status.

It also copied several professors believed to be “likely in support of this movement.”

Opponents accused TPUSA of weaponizing free speech to promote the event and allege that “the right to free speech doesn’t make it ok to incite violence.” 

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“Allowing this event to take place on Thursday will mean contributing to LGBTQ disinformation, allowing hate speech on campus, and opening a variety of marginalized students up to hate and violence less than a week before [Transgender Day of Rememberance].”

Campus Reform reported on several attempts to shut down Walsh’s film at college campuses during the fall semester. Many viewings featured Walsh as part of a month-long tour with Young America’s Foundation.

Protests were spotted at the University of Central Florida and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. YAF alleged a left-wing student interrupted the live stream at the University of Houston as Antifa members rallied outside, and a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was assaulted while trying to enter the event.

Campus Reform contacted the TPUSA chapter, the university, administrators and professors, and several student groups for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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