Purdue student gov to spend $17k on rainbow crosswalk

The student government at Purdue University recently approved $17K funding for a 'rainbow crosswalk' on campus

The bill author clarified that the reason for the high cost is due to the fact that the crosswalk will be constructed out of thermoplastics, which can last up to ten years. .

The Purdue University Student Government (PSG) approved the allocation of $17,000 of funding towards a “rainbow crosswalk” that will symbolize Purdue’s commitment to inclusion. 

Bill author and PSG member Lillian Ferguson clarified that the reason for such a high cost is due to the fact that the crosswalk will be constructed out of thermoplastics, which can last up to ten years. 

The rainbow crosswalk will stretch across the intersection of Mitch Daniels Boulevard and Grant Street, according to The Exponent, Purdue University’s student newspaper. 

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The April 19 resolution passed with 25 voting “yes,” one vote “no,” and one abstaining. 

In addition to Ferguson’s claims that the new crosswalk is a symbol of Purdue’s commitment to inclusion, Purdue University was ranked by the Campus Pride Index as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly universities of 2022. 

Shane Windmeyer, Founder and Executive Director of Campus Pride, told Campus Reform in an Apr. 25 email that “In a time when LGBTQ+ people are under attack by the far radical right for simply wanting to live their life, it is great to see college campuses like Purdue being visible in every way possible showing support and inclusion - even a ‘rainbow crosswalk.’”

In December of last year, students at Purdue protested a speech by former President George Bush by shouting “racist, sexist, anti-gay, Mr. Bush, go away.”

This is not unique to Purdue either.  

Similar stories reveal a nationwide tolerance of leftist organizations, but an intolerance of conservative organizations across college campuses. 

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At Central Michigan University (CMU), for example, one student bragged about spending 45 minutes defacing chalk displays by CMU’s College Republicans, which he called “copaganda, racist, and pro-life bullshit.” Pro-LGBTQ chalk displays at Point Park University in Pennsylvania, however, were left untouched.

Campus Reform contacted every university, organization, and individual mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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