EXCLUSIVE: School defends LGBT chalking, ignores repeated defacing of pro-life chalking

The College of William & Mary sent an email reminding students of the 'Posting & Chalking on Campus Policy' after a pro-LGBT chalk drawing was defaced.

The school has ignored previous complaints from the campus pro-life group, whose posters and chalk drawings have been repeatedly vandalized.

The College of William & Mary recently sent out an email reminding students of campus chalking policy which, according to student and pro-life activist Skylar Culbertson, was a response to a pro-LGBT chalk drawing being defaced. However, the university has stayed silent in the past when Tribe for Life, the campus pro-life group, complained of vandalism and theft of their own posters and chalk drawings.

Campus Reform obtained exclusive copies of relevant emails.

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The April 19 email mentioned the university’s Posting & Chalking on Campus Policy, which is intended “to provide content-neutral policy guidance related to posting and chalking on university property.” The email was allegedly sent the day after a pro-LGBT chalk display was defaced on campus.

”Spring is here -- and so is a new chalking and posting policy. Such policies affirm our community’s shared commitment to ‘embrace diverse people and perspectives’ in ‘an open academic environment’,” the email sent by VP of Student Affairs Ginger Ambler read. “Please be aware that defacing or removing someone else’s posting is itself a violation of the policy and could result in disciplinary action.”

In an email to Campus Reform, however, Director of News & Media Suzanne Clavet denied the email was related to the incident, saying, “It was not in response to any one specific incident but sent as a general reminder of an update in campus policy.”

Tribe for Life president Skylar Culbertson, speaking with Campus Reform, said the group has had their chalk drawings vandalized approximately five times in the last two semesters. Despite this, no significant action has ever been taken by the administration to address the issue.

Photos obtained by Campus Reform examples of chalk drawings before and after, according to Culbertson, having water poured on them by a transgender student.

Culbertson reported this incident to the school, prompting Dean Dave Gilbert to meet with the responsible student. In an exclusive audio recording obtained by Campus Reform, Gilbert offered Culbertson the chance to speak to the responsible student, but she says no such meeting has been arranged.

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Culbertson expressed her disappointment with the school’s varied responses to the incidents, saying to Campus Reform, “It’s unfortunate that the school shows extreme preferential treatment to left-wing organizations. The fact that they just completely disregard what all has happened to Tribe for Life … it’s just not fair.”

All parties mentioned have been contacted for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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