PROF GIORDANO: Mohammed’s commencement speech is another example of absurd DEI indoctrination

Such behavior not only reflects poorly on the institution but also brings embarrassment to every parent and loved one in the audience who gathered to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Nicholas Giordano is a professor of Political Science, the host of The P.A.S. Report Podcast, and a fellow at Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellowship. With 2 decades of teaching experience and over a decade of experience in the emergency management/homeland security arena, Professor Giordano is regularly called on to speak about issues related to government, politics, and international relations.  

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DEISJ) cultural revolution has undeniably left a lasting and detrimental mark on our society, asserting its effects within the confines of our college campuses. Week after week, we bear witness to an array of examples that illustrate the growing absurdity inherent in DEISJ initiatives.

At the City University of New York’s (CUNY) law school commencement, graduate and future lawyer Fatima Mousa Mohammed proudly called for a “revolution” against what she deems a legal system based on white supremacy, and slammed CUNY for continuing “to train and cooperate with the fascist NYPD.” Throughout her speech, she made anti-Semitic remarks and vehemently criticized CUNY.

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These kinds of instances serve as stark reminders of the deep divisions consequences stemming from this ideological movement as the radical left uses every opportunity to indoctrinate Americans. The detrimental impact of DEISJ initiatives is glaringly evident in the type of students our institutions are producing.

Sadly, Mohammed’s commencement address is hardly an exception to the rule.

During the commencement speech delivered by Dr. Scott Atlas at the New College of Florida, protests erupted, tarnishing what should have been a joyous celebration of a significant life milestone. Instead of embracing the occasion, many students directed vulgar invectives towards Dr. Atlas, even resorting to telling him to “go F**k yourself.”

Such behavior not only reflects poorly on the institution but also brings embarrassment to every parent and loved one in the audience who gathered to commemorate this momentous occasion. If students like these cannot exercise basic self-control during a commencement ceremony, one can only imagine the challenges they may face when attempting to function effectively in the workplace.

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To see how widespread the DEISJ indoctrination is, just read the University of Connecticut’s announcement that beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year, students will be required to pass an ‘anti-Black racism’ course in order to graduate.

Off campus,  ideologues behind the DEISJ movement have managed to inject racism into areas where it doesn’t naturally exist, such as the Department of Transportation Secretary’s assertion of racist roadways and the allocation of $1 billion taxpayer dollars towards integrating roads with “racial equity.”

While we may find amusement in mocking the ridiculousness of it all, the consequences are too real. Our society is progressively becoming more racialized, with DEISJ initiatives in education eroding academic excellence, stunting student growth, and fostering division.

Our efforts should focus on revitalizing curricula that promote critical thinking skills and emphasize the values of personal responsibility and merit.

It is imperative that our institutions prioritize the cultivation of a competent and capable citizenry, deeply rooted in American values, rather than creating a generation of self-entitled and self-righteous individuals.

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