Boston 'sex-positive' org 'Pleasure Pie' hoping to host events on college campuses

A Boston-based activist organization is offering to help college students promote 'sex positivity' through workshops, event tabling, and educational materials.

Pleasure Pie’s queer zine–making workshop description claims that it can be 'adapted to various age ranges,' including for children as young as eight years old.

Pleasure Pie,” a Boston-based group dedicated to “combating sexual shame, promoting consent education, and supporting folks who are working toward intersectional liberation,” is offering to assist college students.

The group offers event tabling with a fee of $200-$350 for 1-3 hours of tabling and $350-$550 for 3.5-6 hours of tabling, according to its website.

The materials distributed at no cost to students at tabling events include “zines, art, stickers, and pins.” 

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“We love nothing more than getting our sex-positive zines and other creations into the hands of curious college students!” reads the description of this service.

The organization offers four types of workshops: sex-positive zine making, sex-positive activism, “consent and pleasure,” and “body crafts.” 

The body crafts workshop, held by “sex educator and pleasure advocate Goddess Cecilia,” invites participants to create “a felt vulva, penis, nipple, or other body craft.” 

“The goal of this workshop is to give people the opportunity to connect with their bodies through craft creations,” reads the workshop description. “By creating their own colorful (and often glittery) representation of a part of the human body that is usually hidden in public, participants are able to engage with body acceptance in a very tactile way.”

Pleasure Pie’s queer zine–making workshop description claims that it can be “adapted to various age ranges,” including for children as young as eight years old.

In the group’s most recent newsletter, they advertise an upcoming Queer Zine Making Workshop for kids in Dorchester, MA on June 29.

Another upcoming event on June 15, called “KINK: ABU Invades Boston,” will bring together an “adult baby diaper lover” group that is planning a “crinkly crawl around the city.”

“Get your soggy invader pants ready to invade the aquarium, mini golf, and other fun events around the city,” the event description reads.

The sex-positive activism workshop promises to “cover topics of intersectional activism, finding a sex positive community, fostering collaborations, and practicing self care to avoid getting burnt out.” 

The consent and pleasure workshop gives participants a chance to “brainstorm (and practice!) many ways of asking for consent, saying yes, and saying no, so [participants] can find at least one of each that works for [them].” 

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Resources and materials sold by Pleasure Pie on their Etsy account include custom penis and vulva portraits, “gender-free new baby cards,” and zines including “The Art of The Solicited D*** Pic.”

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