Ohio U is searching for lecturers to teach about 'environmental justice,' and 'diversity'

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion is accepting applicant proposals for upcoming discussions that will help ensure 'the individual success and retention needs of an increasingly diverse community.'

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that will include themes like a 'sense of belonging,' 'equitable learning outcomes,' 'religious/cultural/cognitive diversity,' 'inclusive pedagogy,' and 'climate/environmental justice.'

Ohio University’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the Provost is calling on faculty and staff to submit proposals for its “Inclusive Excellence Workshop and Lecture Series” for the 2023-2024 academic year.

“The Series is designed to advance Ohio University’s established commitment to inclusive excellence by building an intentional culture of respect, creating an enriching academic experience that expands civic engagement and cultural competency, and ensuring the individual success and retention needs of an increasingly diverse community,” according to the series webpage.

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The university describes the series as one that “provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to share their expertise and help [Ohio] towards achieving its mission of creating an inclusive culture where everyone is valued and treated with respect and dignity.”

Faculty of the university are encouraged to submit workshop or lecture topic proposals that highlight a “sense of belonging, accessibility, diversity of perspectives/approaches, equitable learning outcomes, religious/cultural/cognitive diversity, inclusive pedagogy, and climate/environmental justice.”

“Diversity is a fundamental aspect of life,” the webpage states. “Inclusion, however, is an opportunity and a choice we make every day.”

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The administrators of the project will accept and fund up to ten proposals. All submitted proposals will be considered by Aug. 1.

This upcoming lecture series is designed to build upon the university’s series of workshops offered during spring 2023.

One of the lectures was titled “Allyship in and out of the classroom: What can you do?,” which took place in January and February. Those who enrolled in the program were instructed on how they could “be better allies to increase a sense of belonging in the classroom.”

Another lecture was named “Discovering the Inclusive Leader Within,” and took place on Feb. 22. According to a workshop description, participants learned “how they can role model inclusion intentionally and confidently in different environments and roles.”

According to the university website, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion seeks “to celebrate all members of [the] University community” through “a willingness to have hard conversations, to recognize and call out prejudice, to hear and respect vastly different points of view, and to do all this with civility and grace.”

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