‘Conservative University’ launches ‘Sex, Lies, and Women’s Studies’ class

"Sex, Lies, and Women's Studies" began on Friday with a lesson titled "Deconstructing 'Women's Studies'"

A new online university for conservative students has launched a free women’s studies course to give students a different perspective on feminism than the one being taught on liberal college campuses.

Conservative University’s six-week “Sex, Lies, and Women’s Studies” class began on Friday with a lesson titled “Deconstructing ‘Women’s Studies'” taught by Network of Enlightened Women President Karin Agness.

The lesson gave “an overview of current women’s studies programs and centers and how they are failing to properly educate college females,” according to the university’s official website.

The other women scheduled to teach classes are Star Parker, the president for the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Economics21 Director Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Independent Women’s Forum Director of Health Hadley Heath, and authors Kate Obenshain and Mona Charen.

Conservative University is a free online education initiative created by Accuracy in Academia.

Mal Kline, Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia told Campus Reform that her organization has “been covering women’s studies courses for so long that we decided to do our own because we thought we could add something they lack—accuracy.”

“Whether the issue be health care, salaries by gender or any of the so-called social issues, the curricula that spawned the alleged ‘war on women’ contains much misinformation,” Kline continued.

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