New ‘consent porn’ urges college students get verbal permission for sex

UltraViolet, a feminist group, is campaigning against sexual assault at a number of colleges under investigation for alleged Title IX violations.

The video consists of two sketches: the first involves a pizza deliveryman arriving at the wrong apartment and the second involves two gay men hooking up in a laundry room.

A women’s advocacy group is using “classic porn” to promote consensual sex among college students, in a campaign that began last Thursday.

The group, UltraViolet, is honing in on the new standard of affirmative consent through its website, The video, split into two segments, is designed to appear like an archaic pornographic film on VHS (complete with tracking errors) and displays classic porn scenarios.

In the first sketch, a pizza restaurant employee accidently delivers to the wrong apartment. The young woman he delivers to objects that she didn’t ask for and does not want the pizza. However, she quickly pulls him into her apartment and the pair begin making out—asking each other at each escalation whether or not what they’re doing is okay.

The second part of the video shows two gay male college students, one white, one black, consenting to hook up in a laundry room. It begins with one man getting angry and accusing the other of removing his laundry from the dryer “without asking.”

“Without asking? It would be wrong to do that without asking. There are a lot of things that are wrong to do without asking,” the accused responds.

“Can I kiss you?” asks the accuser.

“Exactly, that’s just one of them,” responds the other man before the two embrace, kiss passionately, and remove their shirts.

The video ends with the words “Consent is hot. Consent is necessary.”

According to Huffington Post, UltraViolet confirmed in an email that its intent was to “illustrate how consent works in an intimate setting.”

The advocacy group has also released another video that “encourages parents to talk about consent with their teenagers.” The video shows a young man in prison, calling his parents to tell them he has been arrested for rape.

The group’s ads are supposed to target schools that are under investigation for their handlings of sexual violence cases, including: Arizona State, Brown, Catholic University of America, University of Colorado Boulder, Columbia, Dartmouth College, Florida State, Harvard, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Kansas, Southern Methodist, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Washington State, and University of California, Berkeley.

UltraViolet’s website includes a petition to pressure The Princeton Review “to rank schools on how they handle sexual violence.” The advocacy group previously ran ads declaring that several schools had a “rape problem.”

The website also includes “rape 101,” a nationwide list of schools under federal investigation, survivor stories, and any media coverage surrounding the issue.

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