Student sex columnist reveals affair with prof.

A feminist prof. deems that current university rules banning teacher, student relations deters potentially meaningful relationships.

She claims their romance was like nothing she had experienced before.

A sex columnist for The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s Independent student newspaper, wrote about her erotic experience sleeping with a professor.

Boni Mata, author of a weekly sex column, offered a detailed description Tuesday of her previous affair with a male professor, which she asserts serviced more than her just her “teacher fetish,” and went beyond any romantic relationship she had partaken in before.

“I’d had one too many glasses of wine the night I fell into his lap,” Mata wrote. “He drove me home, we kissed on my sofa, went back to his later on. I never expected that a one-night stand with my professor would turn into something so spectacular. ‘Our bodies were made for each other,’ he’d tell me.”

Though professor was in charge of her grades, she wrote, “we both knew I’d have gotten an ‘A’ regardless.”

Mata also discussed how she has had enough schoolgirl fantasies about her teachers to make a feature-length pornographic film.

“Same thing in college: didn’t hear a word my professor said in my Shakespeare seminar, drooled through English classes without learning a thing,” writes Mata. “I wanted to f**k my sociology GSI with every fiber in my nether regions. I knew I was — how do you say — a ‘sapiosexual’ from an early age, but the power-play of a student-teacher relationship became particularly appealing to me as well.”

Mata defended her relationship by discussing the allegations of sexual assault brought by two female students against current University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Jane Gallop.

The professor argued in an essay written in response to the allegations that the current rules and regulations prohibiting student-professor relations deter potentially meaningful sexuality that could be occur between them.

“Her notion of the eroticism of education, however, is a fascinating one and is an arguably universal phenomenon,” Mata writes. “While navigating positions of power and dom-sub dynamics can be tricky, a sexual relationship between consenting adults can be incredibly fruitful when teaching and learning are also involved.”

Other columns written by Mata include, “ Confessions of a sugar baby,” “ Do you love your penis?,” and “ Do you love your vagina?

Mata did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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