Evergreen prof publicly berated peers on ‘Equity Council’

Yet another video out of Evergreen State College shows a faculty member on the school’s “Equity Council” berating her white peers for being “those motherfuckers that we’re pushing against.”

The video shows Professor Naima Lowe screaming at two of her white colleagues, and while it is unclear what exactly sparked the confrontation, Lowe appears to be upset with the two for their work on Evergreen’s “Equity Council,” saying that “the Equity Council handed you a way to do this easily.”

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Notably, Lowe is herself a member of the Equity Council, according to its website, which describes the council as one committed to advancing “aspirations for greater equity, diversity, and inclusion of underrepresented populations in our campus community” through the development of “proactive, strategic, and sustained initiatives for progressive institutional change.”

“You are now those motherfuckers that we’re pushing against. You can’t see your way out of your own ass,” Lowe goes on to tell her colleagues, adding that the student protesters “are literally asking for the same shit students have been asking for since the 70’s. None of this is new.”

“So when exactly were we going to have time to sit there and wax fucking poetic for your benefit about shit that has been in the works?” she asks, saying she doesn’t “care about how much good you’ve done,” because “in this moment here, right now, students are holding us accountable.”

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According to video of the aforementioned encounter, Lowe appears yelling at two fellow members of the Equity Council, telling them that that she has “put in a lot of goddamn effort” just to “listen to these people talk shit” for “seven fucking years” without the sort of action that she desires.

“So no, I don’t want to hear about it. So what I’m saying is what I said at the start. You can go inside and you can listen to the students and what they’re trying to say, or you can take your ass home,” she said to applause from students watching the exchange. “That’s it. I don’t have time for anything else. I am too tired. This shit is literally going to kill me.”

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