University denies promoting masturbation as deterrent to rape

A Rochester Institute of Technology official recently argued that a presentation suggesting students “rub one out” to “prevent sexual assault” had nothing to do with deterring rape.

The university came under fire last week after one of its presentation slides appeared to suggest that students “Rub One Out,” with a caption explaining that “self-gratification can prevent sexual assault.”

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In an interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education, however, Darci Lane-Williams, director of the Center for Women and Gender, maintained that the slide was taken out of context and that the university never presented masturbation as a “deterrent to rape.”

Lane-Williams emphasised that the slide offered advice on how to achieve sexual gratification in the event that one’s partner withdraws consent in the middle of a sexual intercourse.

"At no point did we say that masturbation is a deterrent to rape," The official continued. "If you’re in a situation where your expectation is certain things are going to happen, and then your partner changes their mind, it is not your partner’s responsibility to make sure that you are gratified sexually.”

According to a report by The Associated Press on Thursday, the university directed AP to the comments of Darci Lane-Williams when the publication asked  for additional comments about the incident.

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Several days after the presentation, RIT President David Munson also issued a statement apologizing “to anyone who was offended by a slide that was included in our new student orientation.”

“While we are committed to having open and frank conversations on these important topics, we pledge to take such sensitivities into account in any future programs,” he added.

Lane-Williams did not immediately return Campus Reform’s request to clarify the difference between deterring rape and “prevent[ing] sexual assault.”

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