Greek life members required to attend controversial BLM lecture

All members of the Greek-life community at Campbell University were recently informed that they would be required, without exception, to attend a lecture from a controversial Black Lives Matter advocate during "Risky Business Week."

The lecture, to be delivered by author Lawrence Jones, is the only event during the week that members are required to attend.

All members of Campbell University’s Greek-life community will soon be forced to attend a lecture from controversial Black Lives Matter advocate and author Lawrence Ross.

The event, scheduled for September 26, will be held during the university’s so-called “Risky Business Week,” which focuses on topics of “particular concern to Greek communities including...racism.”

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According to an email obtained by The Narrative Times sent out all Greek-life participants at Campbell, students and student organizations that refuse to attend could risk their status as an officially recognized organization.

“This is mandatory—only excuses being family emergencies and class,” Hannah Clark, Greek Programming Board President, wrote in an email sent to students.

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While classes and family emergencies are excused, Clark confirms, “work,” on the other hand “is not an excuse—regardless of your place of employment.”

Notably, Ross’ Twitter is littered with anti-Trump statements, in one case labeling him a white supremacist.

“Whether or not Donald Trump is a white supremacist is settled law. He is,” Ross tweeted, much to the ire of Chairman of Trump Students Ryan Fournier, who responded by stating that “universities should not invite people to speak who have openly called the President a 'White Supremacist.’”

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While the “Risky Business Week” features other events, Ross’ lecture is the only event mandatory for students in Greek life to attend.

“This lecture is one part of a key programming event we hold every year that addresses topics of concern for our campus,” Dennis Bazemore, vice president for student life told Campus Reform.

“While all active participating members of our campus Greek system are required to attend scheduled programming events, we do welcome participation from other members of our campus community,” he added. “We hope these events encourage dialogue and cooperation among our student body here at Campbell.”

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