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Enraged protesters scream at cops, fascists

A group of demonstrators at UT-Knoxville blasted cops during a protest Saturday, urging them and fascists to “get the f--- off of our campus.”

Campus Reform Staff Today at
11:49 PM EDT

Former prof recounts her 'escape' from political correctness

A former professor has written a book about how she “escaped” the campus culture pf political correctness after realizing she was "lying" to students.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 16, 2018 at
2:44 PM EDT

UC Berkeley allocating up to $800k for 'undocumented' students

UC-Berkeley is planning to allocate $800,000 toward financial aid, much of which will go to “undocumented” students on campus.

Adam Sabes Feb 16, 2018 at
1:32 PM EDT

MN legislation takes on 'intellectual bullying' on campus

Minnesota State Senator Carla Nelson is introducing a bill that would prevent colleges and universities from limiting free expression on campus.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 16, 2018 at
12:55 PM EDT

Campus orgs support instructor who assaulted students

Antifa groups are coming out in support of a graduate instructor who was arrested last year for assaulting two students at the University of Illinois.

Marissa Gentry Feb 16, 2018 at
11:26 AM EDT

DePaul denies Crowder, says he doesn't 'align' with mission

DePaul University rejected a student group's request to host Steven Crowder, saying the conservative comedian does not "align" with DePaul's "mission."

Ema Gavrilovic Feb 16, 2018 at
9:06 AM EDT
Student senators vote down a proposal to impose mandatory diversity training.

Clemson senators defeat 'ideological indoctrination' proposal

For the second time in one year, Clemson University's student government has shot down a proposal to make diversity training mandatory for all members.

Mitchell Gunter Feb 15, 2018 at
3:52 PM EDT

Conservative group sues after admin unilaterally yanks status

A conservative group is suing Lone Star College for revoking its official status after the group posted a video of an abortion debate it had sponsored.

Mason McKie Feb 15, 2018 at
2:34 PM EDT

‘Divestment handbook' reveals anti-Israel group's strategies

A Students for Justice in Palestine guidebook was recently leaked, exposing the group’s plans to increase divestment activity on campus.

Matthew Stein Feb 15, 2018 at
1:35 PM EDT

Scholars denounce 'victim-centered' approach to sexual assault

More than 130 professors and legal experts are calling on university administrators to end the use of “victim-centered” investigative practices.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 15, 2018 at
10:13 AM EDT

Duke students rebuke prof for saying libertarians are autistic

Students are asking Duke University to condemn a professor's remarks suggesting that conservatives and libertarians are autistic.

Sandor Farkas Feb 15, 2018 at
8:28 AM EDT

VIDEO: Students sign petition to ban ‘offensive’ Valentine’s Day

Cornell students at were enthusiastic to sign our fake petition outlawing Valentine's Day celebrations, lest they to those without romantic partners.

Cabot Phillips Feb 14, 2018 at
5:02 AM EDT

Students protest reformed racist's message of 'forgiveness'

A group of students is threatening "radical demonstration" if Carleton College does not adopt its plan for fighting "systems of oppression" on campus.

Kyle Hooten Feb 14, 2018 at
3:51 PM EDT

University waives $2,000 'security fee' for conservative speaker

The University of Cincinnati has agreed to rescind a $2,000 security fee it had attempted to impose for a conservative speaking event.

Kassy Dillon Feb 14, 2018 at
2:59 PM EDT

Controversial UW prof offers ‘HipHop and Social Justice’ course

A controversial and flamboyant UW-Madison professor is offering a “HipHop and Social Justice” course that requires students to purchase his rap album.

Sandor Farkas Feb 14, 2018 at
2:22 PM EDT

Tips from a Berkeley conservative on inviting speakers to campus

The 2017-18 academic year has been one of outrage and shout-downs for conservative speakers on college campuses--none more so than UC-Berkeley.

Bradley Devlin Feb 14, 2018 at
12:01 PM EDT

Saying 'husband/wife' violates Christian 'dignity,' school says

A page on the University of Dayton’s website recommends that students avoid using gendered language, including “husband” and “wife.”

Kassy Dillon Feb 14, 2018 at
11:16 AM EDT

Nebraska system adopts free-speech policy after campus incident

The University of Nebraska approved a new freedom of expression policy after a campus incident sparked national outrage.

Adam Sabes Feb 14, 2018 at
10:01 AM EDT

Brown students: Supporting free speech 'explicitly dangerous'

Students at Brown University reacted to an appearance by Guy Benson with an open letter saying support or free speech is "explicitly dangerous."

Adam Sabes Feb 14, 2018 at
8:55 AM EDT

Students swap Sex Week for actual dates this Valentine’s Day

This year, college students across the nation are pushing back against the hypersexualized culture surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Hannah Scherlacher Feb 13, 2018 at
7:31 PM EDT

Yale group hosts ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ to fight ‘capitalism’

Feminist students at Yale University are hosting an “Anti-Valentine’s” film screening to encourage the “deconstruction” of fraternity culture.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 13, 2018 at
3:52 PM EDT

Notre Dame changes mind again, will cover contraceptives

Notre Dame has once again made changes to its healthcare plan, this time providing "simple contraceptives" directly.

Evan Holguin Feb 13, 2018 at
2:36 PM EDT

Group has 'issues' with Marxism, but Antifa 'not terrorist'

Students and community members at Texas State University are outraged after an Antifa group was spotted openly recruiting members on campus.

Mitchell Gunter Feb 13, 2018 at
2:34 PM EDT

CUNY to host ‘hack day’ for ‘cis and trans women’

The City University of New York (CUNY) will play host to an all-day feminist “hack” event geared towards “cis and trans women” this April.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 13, 2018 at
11:41 AM EDT

VIDEO: Students afraid to express support for border wall

Congress remain deadlocked on President Trump's proposed border wall, but Trinity University students made clear that they support "open borders."

Cabot Phillips Feb 13, 2018 at
10:58 AM EDT

Profs launch ‘Victimhood Report’ to chronicle campus culture

Two sociology professors recently launched a blog to document the rise of “victimhood culture” on college campuses.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 13, 2018 at
10:12 AM EDT

Former Assad spokesman no longer on Rutgers faculty

Rutgers University has cut ties with a former spokesman for Syrian President Bashar Assad who once represented the dictatorial regime at the UN.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 13, 2018 at
8:19 AM EDT

Duke prof suggests libertarians are 'on the autism spectrum'

A Duke University history professor recently declared that many conservatives and libertarians “seem to be on the autism spectrum.”

Sandor Farkas Feb 13, 2018 at
7:16 AM EDT

Vending machines fund social justice grants at UWSP

UW-Stevens Point offers student groups grants to hold “social justice” programs as part of its campus vending machine contract.

Celine Ryan Feb 12, 2018 at
4:14 PM EDT

Student gov rushes resolution denouncing free speech bill

Six SDSU student senators are protesting a resolution denouncing a bill in the state legislature intended to protect free speech on college campuses.

Adam Sabes Feb 12, 2018 at
3:42 PM EDT

Columbia event discusses 'obligation' to 'redistribute' wealth

Two Columbia University students are hosting a workshop this month to encourage their peers to “redistribute our own wealth” to “marginalized people.”

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
2:49 PM EDT

Activists target conservative students ahead of Kirk event

Liberal activists at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania are plotting to derail a talk by TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 12, 2018 at
1:14 PM EDT

Utah Senator introduces bill to ban ‘free-speech zones’

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah recently introduced legislation to prohibit so-called "free speech zones" at public universities.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
11:59 AM EDT

UCLA students pay $2M+ per year in 'social justice' fees

UCLA charges students a quarterly “Social Justice” fee that provides more than $2 million annually for social justice programming.

Adam Sabes Feb 12, 2018 at
11:26 AM EDT

Diversity efforts cost NC universities nearly $17M per year

Public universities in North Carolina spend nearly $17 million per year on diversity efforts, according to a recent independent report.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
10:27 AM EDT

College panel to call for more women in 'working class jobs'

Smith College is hosting a discussion this week on “diversifying” construction work by incorporating more women into "working class jobs."

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
7:40 AM EDT

Five arrests after protests at UW Patriot Prayer rally

Five people were arrested Saturday at the University of Washington after protesters confronted a group of right-leaning demonstrators on campus.

Campus Reform Staff Feb 11, 2018 at
7:01 PM EDT

UW-Stout students must appreciate 'social differences' to graduate

UW-Stout has a requirement designed to ensure that its graduates "appreciate cultural, economic, political, environmental, and social differences.”

Kelsey McSorley Feb 09, 2018 at
4:17 PM EDT

Snapchat pic prompts mandatory 'diversity training' at GW

GW plans to implement nine new diversity initiatives in response to a racist Snapchat post, even after absolving both of the students pictured in it.

Sandor Farkas Feb 09, 2018 at
2:25 PM EDT

Former student, alleged arsonist charged with aiding Al-Qaeda

A former student who allegedly tried to burn down St. Catherine University in retaliation for U.S. foreign policy now faces federal terrorism charges.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 09, 2018 at
12:27 PM EDT

Cal Poly wants out-of-state students to fund diversity grants

Cal Poly wants out-of-state students to shell out thousands of dollars per year to fund a grant program aimed at “increasing diversity on campus.”

Celine Ryan Feb 09, 2018 at
11:34 AM EDT

Socialist students protest memorial to fallen police officers

A memorial honoring law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty provoked protest from a socialist student group at CSU-Fullerton this week.

Autumn Price Feb 09, 2018 at
10:01 AM EDT

Conservative group alleges Georgetown redirected its donations

"All gifts to Love Saxa have been identified and are being deposited to Love Saxa’s account..."

Taryn Wolfsohn Feb 08, 2018 at
4:12 PM EDT

Dartmouth student accused of 'violence' for op-ed on diversity

A Dartmouth student’s op-ed alleging gender bias on a trip-planning committee has earned him an outpouring of opprobrium from liberal classmates.

Erik R. Jones Feb 08, 2018 at
2:52 PM EDT

Journalist calls for profs to drown conservative students

A liberal journalist and podcaster recently told Charlie Kirk that professors should drown conservative students instead of just grading them harshly.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 08, 2018 at
1:19 PM EDT

Muslim students want classmate expelled for criticizing hijabs

A freshman student at the University of Central Florida faced a Twitter campaign demanding her expulsion for criticizing a "try on a hijab" event.

Eduardo Neret Feb 08, 2018 at
12:06 PM EDT
Scarlett Johansson

Prof: Zionist 'master thieves' have 'infiltrated' Women's March

A Columbia University professor claims the Women’s March movement has become “deeply infiltrated” by “Zionists,” whom he called “master thieves.”

Adam Sabes Feb 08, 2018 at
10:45 AM EDT

Princeton implores students to report ‘identity’ incidents

Princeton University is asking students to report “problematic experiences based on [their] identity” to help administrators "monitor behavior on campus."

Matthew Penza Feb 07, 2018 at
4:41 PM EDT
Image via Facebook:

University sponsoring 'feminist social justice' conference

The University of Arizona will host an all-day conference designed to engage students in discussions on “feminist social justice” issues in March.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 07, 2018 at
3:00 PM EDT

Northeastern prof says he 'wouldn’t mind' seeing Trump dead

At a public event at Northeastern University, a professor told the audience that he “wouldn’t mind” seeing President Trump “dead.”

Sandor Farkas Feb 07, 2018 at
1:51 PM EDT
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