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Thanksgiving a ‘celebration’ of ‘genocide,’ say campus groups

"Many Americans do not grow up thinking much of the history behind the holiday."

Kenneth Nelson Today at
4:05 AM EDT
Kenneth Nelson Today at
10:33 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: GWU Student Bar Association labels Christian org a 'hate group'

“The Student Bar Association condemns homophobic, biphobic, or transphobic hate speech."

Abigail Marone Nov 19, 2018 at
5:02 PM EDT

Holy Cross cancels classes for sensitivity summit

To create a campus “community that supports and celebrates all its members.”

Marissa Gentry Nov 19, 2018 at
4:42 PM EDT

UMich student gov MANDATES attendance at ‘Students of Color’ events

“The fact we must pass legislation to force representatives to learn about different cultures is disappointing.”

Sergei Kelley Nov 19, 2018 at
11:52 AM EDT

Utah students pass out Planned Parenthood 'swag' at 'Condom Fashion Show'

"Teaching the Utah kiddos how to have safe, consensual, and pleasurable sex is my jam.”

Frances Floresca Today at
12:21 PM EDT

Rutgers reverses punishment for 'I now hate white people' prof

"Rutgers “found me guilty of 'reverse racism,' whatever that is."

Megan Olson Nov 19, 2018 at
10:28 AM EDT

Students bark in protest to save the trees

"[C]ut a tree, cut a life."

Kenneth Nelson Nov 19, 2018 at
10:09 AM EDT

Syracuse U: Mandatory diversity course 'didn't hit the mark'

"If we were using a dartboard analogy, it hit the wall and fell to the floor.”

Adam Sabes Nov 17, 2018 at
3:55 PM EDT
Andrew Lawrence Nov 16, 2018 at
4:32 PM EDT

UCCS refuses to recognize Christian group, so the group sues

"[R]eligious student organizations should be free to choose their leaders..."

Mason McKie Nov 16, 2018 at
4:16 PM EDT

University defends $21,500 diversity survey price tag

"[C]reating a campus climate of inclusion is necessary..."

Celine Ryan Nov 16, 2018 at
1:51 PM EDT
Stone Washington Nov 16, 2018 at
11:19 AM EDT
Andrew Lawrence Nov 16, 2018 at
10:05 AM EDT

UPenn students mark Thanksgiving with talk on 'racism,' 'strained' US history

"Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often framed as a time to be thankful. However..."

Celine Ryan Nov 15, 2018 at
4:45 PM EDT
Screengrab:YouTube/Fox News

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Fla. midterm results in limbo, majority of UMiami admin., faculty donate to Dems

[I]t remains unclear what impact college administrators and faculty could have had...

Grace Gottschling Nov 15, 2018 at
3:44 PM EDT

Georgetown backs CNN, Jim Acosta in White House lawsuit

“To dislike Acosta’s and CNN’s reporting is President Trump’s prerogative, but..."

Grace Gottschling Nov 15, 2018 at
1:46 PM EDT
Andrew Lawrence Nov 15, 2018 at
12:21 PM EDT

Seattle University gives ICE the cold shoulder

[T]he university is a signatory of a policy “which condemns administration policies..."

Kenneth Nelson Nov 15, 2018 at
11:23 AM EDT

UW-LaCrosse apologizes for hosting porn star

"I'm writing to let you know how sorry I am..."

Marissa Gentry Nov 14, 2018 at
6:06 PM EDT
Adam Sabes and Genesis Sanchez Nov 14, 2018 at
5:25 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/History Channel

History major at UW-Stevens Point could become...history

"[W]e must focus on our strengths, prioritizing those programs that best help the communities..."

Grace Gottschling Nov 14, 2018 at
3:22 PM EDT

Ill. course looks at 'domain of masculinity and whiteness' in video games

"[T]he course 'examines the history of gender in video games...'"

Blair Nelson Nov 14, 2018 at
2:30 PM EDT

NC State rolls out Ph.D. in ‘social justice education’

“The to help educators recognize and disrupt systems of oppression by helping to foster and create equitable learning environments."

Adam Sabes Nov 14, 2018 at
11:25 AM EDT
Jesse Stiller Nov 14, 2018 at
10:15 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Mich State Dept investigates college for potential campaign finance violations

The Michigan State Department is investigating Schoolcraft College for potential campaign finance violations...

Kenneth Nelson Nov 13, 2018 at
1:40 PM EDT

College library: Thanksgiving a '#NationalDayofMourning'

“Stereotypical and racist portrayals of Native peoples fill U.S. elementary schools..."

Andrew Lawrence Nov 13, 2018 at
10:59 AM EDT

VIDEO: Calif College Republicans' signs stolen

"We're taking them because they're inaccurate."

Rob Shimshock and Jon Street Nov 12, 2018 at
5:09 PM EDT
Jon Street Nov 12, 2018 at
4:44 PM EDT
Megan Olson Nov 12, 2018 at
2:15 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/Fox Business

Cornell lecture to focus on 'racism' and 'sexism' in Trump era

An Ivy League university is hosting a lecture on “racism” and “sexism” in the Trump era.

Kenneth Nelson Nov 12, 2018 at
11:50 AM EDT

UCLA hosts Palestinian conference amid 'anti-Semitism' claims

"Some may interpret as an intention to endorse violence."

Arik Schneider Nov 12, 2018 at
10:46 AM EDT
Sophie Czerniecki Nov 11, 2018 at
12:52 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: UMN French class devolves into liberal GOTV effort

“Distributing published materials prohibited.”

Megan Olson Nov 09, 2018 at
5:52 PM EDT
Kenneth Nelson Nov 09, 2018 at
5:23 PM EDT

Stanford hosts lecture on Trump admin's 'racist agenda'

"[T]he racist agenda unfolded in a far more chaotic and ‘noisy’ manner."

Grace Gottschling Nov 09, 2018 at
5:10 AM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 09, 2018 at
1:25 AM EDT

Ga. TA: Dems should 'wage war' on 'crappy' white electorate

"If races were reversed in this situation, he would have been suspended or fired.”

Andrew Lawrence Nov 08, 2018 at
5:26 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 08, 2018 at
5:07 PM EDT

Univ of Utah offers 'Adolescent Gender Management' clinic

"[F]or transgender, non-binary, intersex, and non-conforming youth..."

Frances Floresca Nov 08, 2018 at
2:52 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
8:24 PM EDT

Georgetown class has students produce 'social justice' documentaries 'for social action'

"[D]emonstrate ways through which documentary video can be used to meet social justice ends."

Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
7:24 PM EDT

Calif college wants 'progressive thought leaders at every level of gov't'

To "influence public policy and grassroots organizing."

Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
5:12 PM EDT

U Wyoming sponsors 'alternative spring break' to US-Mexico border

"[T]his just seems very pro-’get rid of borders.'"

Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
1:31 PM EDT
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