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Prof claims she was dismissed for pro-Israel, anti-BDS views

A former UMD professor is preparing for a legal battle against administrators who she claims discriminated against her over a trip to Israel.

Grace Gottschling May 25, 2018 at
2:56 PM EDT

UNH prof gloats about disrupting conservative speaker

One of the protesters who disrupted Dave Rubin's speech at the University of New Hampshire turns out to be a Women's Studies professor at the school.

Celine Ryan May 25, 2018 at
12:18 PM EDT

POLL: Dartmouth Dems reluctant to date, befriend conservatives

Democrat students at Dartmouth College are much less likely to date, befriend, or even study with someone who has differing political beliefs, according to a recent survey.

Adam Sabes May 25, 2018 at
10:29 AM EDT

Evergreen State cutting dozens of faculty, staff positions

Evergreen State College is eliminating dozens of staff positions as it struggles to cope with plummeting enrollment.

Adam Sabes May 24, 2018 at
10:09 AM EDT

University hosts profs for national 'Social Justice' summit

Western Illinois University is hosting its first-ever “social justice summit” for educators to “expand their social justice competency and capacity.”

Mason McKie May 24, 2018 at
4:16 PM EDT

University awards grants for ‘LGBTQ*-focused’ research

The University of Kentucky's Office of LGBTQ* Resources handed out $19,000 in scholarships and grants to promote “LGBTQ*-focused research.”

Celine Ryan May 24, 2018 at
1:28 PM EDT

Prof gets university to investigate programs that exclude men

UM-Flint has launched an unprecedented internal Title IX probe into allegations that 11 of its programs discriminate against males.

Toni Airaksinen May 24, 2018 at
12:18 PM EDT

Prof convicted of vandalizing home of NRA lobbyist

University of Nebraska, Lincoln professor Patricia Hill will appeal a recent conviction for spraying fake blood on the home of NRA lobbyist Chris Cox.

Sandor Farkas May 23, 2018 at
3:21 PM EDT

College course explores ‘feminist critique of masculinity’

UMass-Amherst is offering a course next semester that will use a “feminist critique of masculinity” to explore how masculinity hurts male students.

Toni Airaksinen May 23, 2018 at
2:28 PM EDT

Anti-Israel activists aggressively disrupt UCLA panel

Anti-Israel activists aggressively derailed a discussion panel last week at UCLA by flooding the venue with protesters.

Ben Kolodny May 23, 2018 at
1:10 PM EDT

College offers social justice Master's for 'scholar-activists'

Despite having to end its undergraduate program due to financial pressure, Marygrove College is now offering a Master’s degree in Social Justice.

Matthew Noyes May 23, 2018 at
11:49 AM EDT

Liberal WaPo columnist to teach anti-Trump course at Harvard

A well-known liberal pundit will be teaching a course at Harvard University this fall titled "Donald Trump and the Challenge to Liberal Democracy.”

Celine Ryan May 23, 2018 at
10:57 AM EDT

OPINION: Why I'm leaving Marquette University

I am leaving Marquette University due to the rampant political bias on campus and the school’s growing separation from the Catholic Church.

Zachary Petrizzo May 23, 2018 at
8:47 AM EDT

'Reproductive justice' scholar admits abortion is key concern

The professor who helped popularize the term “reproductive justice” admitted in a recent academic article that abortion is the key issue of concern.

Toni Airaksinen May 22, 2018 at
3:01 PM EDT

Course teaches about 'gender,' 'queer studies' through dance

Amherst College is offering a course next semester that will use "dance performance" to teach social justice concepts like "critical race theory."

Toni Airaksinen May 22, 2018 at
1:55 PM EDT
Image credit: Liberty Hangout

Kent State blames state law for enabling grad's AR-10 pic

Kent State University recently explained that state law made it impossible to stop a recent graduate from posing for photos on campus with her AR-10.

Adam Sabes May 22, 2018 at
12:13 PM EDT

DePaul event advocates decriminalizing prostitution

DePaul University hosted several “sex workers” to speak about the injustices of human trafficking while advocating for decriminalizing prostitution.

Ema Gavrilovic May 22, 2018 at
11:17 AM EDT

USC under federal investigation for anti-male discrimination

The Department of Education is investigating allegations the University of Southern California excludes male students from certain opportunities.

Toni Airaksinen May 22, 2018 at
10:39 AM EDT
A bathhouse in Shiraz, Iran.

'Queer Space' course examines 'bathhouses,' 'cruising grounds'

Tufts University is offering a course this fall examining “queer spatial aesthetics” in places like “bathhouses, nightclubs, [and] cruising grounds.”

Celine Ryan May 22, 2018 at
7:50 AM EDT

Marquette begs students not to use 'the i-word' for illegals

Marquette University is encouraging students to “drop the ‘i-word’” when referring to illegal immigrants.

Zachary Petrizzo May 21, 2018 at
4:22 PM EDT

SDSU Aztec mascot to become ‘Spirit Leader’

SDSU has announced that it will continue using the Aztec moniker, but will no longer recognize the Aztec Warrior as its “mascot.”

Skyler Shibuya May 21, 2018 at
1:31 PM EDT

Prof calls NRA ‘terrorist organization’ following Texas massacre

Following the Santa Fe High School shooting, a professor at Virginia Tech tweeted that the National Rifle Association is a “terrorist organization.”

Adam Sabes May 21, 2018 at
12:47 PM EDT

UMich claims free speech lawsuit has ‘mistaken premises’

The University of Michigan is vowing to fight back against a lawsuit claiming its harassment and “bias” policies stifle free expression on campus.

Adam Sabes May 21, 2018 at
12:02 PM EDT

Pomona students: Campus climate chills speech

"Half of students who identified as liberal supported restricting certain speech..."

Will Gu May 21, 2018 at
11:23 AM EDT

Ivy League law school hiring ‘Director of Social Justice’

The University of Pennsylvania Law School is looking to hire a high-level administrator to promote “social justice” on campus.

Toni Airaksinen May 21, 2018 at
10:41 AM EDT

Liberals hold 4:1 edge among 2018 commencement speakers

Liberal commencement speakers will outnumber conservatives by nearly four-to-one at 50 of the nation’s largest colleges this year.

Sandor Farkas and Grace Gottschling May 21, 2018 at
6:49 AM EDT

Carter strikes note of unity at Liberty U commencement

Former President Jimmy Carter spoke at Liberty University’s commencement Saturday, receiving an enthusiastic reception at the conservative university.

Autumn Price May 19, 2018 at
2:08 PM EDT

Sign on prof's door calls Republicans 'heartless a**holes'

A professor at CSU-East Bay displays signs on her office window declaring that “Republicans are heartless a**holes” and “F**k the A**hole in Chief.”

Adam Sabes May 18, 2018 at
3:19 PM EDT

Liberal prof tries to ban book about Robert E. Lee's horse

Washington and Lee University temporarily stopped selling a book about Robert E. Lee's horse, Traveller, after a professor raised "concerns."

Hayden Daniel May 18, 2018 at
11:34 AM EDT

Students put on dancing shoes to 'unearth masculinity'

Towson University is holding a workshop titled “Unearthing Masculinity” that teaches students to confront their “views of masculinity” through dance.

Celine Ryan May 18, 2018 at
10:07 AM EDT

STEM prof offers to boost female students' grades

The University of Akron has shot down a professor's plan to inflate female students' grades in an effort to encourage them to go into STEM fields.

Grace Gottschling May 17, 2018 at
4:36 PM EDT

Student group bars white 'allies' from forum on arming police

A Georgetown University student group recently barred white "allies" from attending a community discussion on a proposal to arm campus police.

Abigail Marone May 17, 2018 at
3:31 PM EDT

SUNY repudiates coddling of students 'deeply hurt' by speech

SUNY Oswego is profusely apologizing after an employee threatened to punish a student for expressing her views on liberal intolerance.

Adam Sabes May 17, 2018 at
2:29 PM EDT
The UCSC mission bell.

UCSC students say historical mission bell 'represents genocide'

Students are demanding that UC-Santa Cruz remove a historical California “mission bell” from campus because it “represents genocide.”

Celine Ryan May 17, 2018 at
11:29 AM EDT

Texas Tech offers counseling due to ‘current political climate’

The Student Counseling Center at Texas Tech is giving out tips on “living in a traumatic world” that can “feel complex, overwhelming, and even scary.”

Adam Sabes May 17, 2018 at
11:18 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Marquette's 'mishmash' policies flummox gun owners

Marquette University requires students to comply with a "mishmash" of contradictory rules in order to possess a firearm in a university apartment.

Zachary Petrizzo May 17, 2018 at
8:02 AM EDT

FSU committee overrules students, votes to move Eppes statue

A 15-member committee is recommending that FSU overturn a decisive student referendum and remove a statue of Francis Eppes from campus.

Genesis Sanchez May 16, 2018 at
3:09 PM EDT

Elite college stops offering ‘American Whiteness’ class

Grinnell College and Ohio State University have quietly shelved controversial courses on "American Whiteness" and "Crossing Identity Boundaries."

Toni Airaksinen May 16, 2018 at
1:58 PM EDT
Riot police face off against Antifa protesters at the height of the disruptions at Evergreen State.

Plummeting enrollment prompts $6M budget cut at Evergreen State

Evergreen State College is preparing to cut $5.9 million from its budget in response to rapidly declining enrollment following last year's protests.

Adam Sabes May 16, 2018 at
12:39 PM EDT

Planned Parenthood astroturfing at Utah college

Planned Parenthood is recruiting one student at Weber State University to go undercover to launch a “reproductive justice” club on campus.

Toni Airaksinen May 16, 2018 at
11:28 AM EDT
Image credit: Liberty Hangout

Kent State grad takes aim at anti-gun policies

A recent Kent State University graduate is blasting her school’s anti-gun policies in a flurry of tweets that have quickly gone viral.

Toni Airaksinen May 16, 2018 at
9:00 AM EDT
Image credit: Ben Kolodny

SMC shelves plan to turn computer lab into LGBT 'safe space'

Santa Monica College has indefinitely shelved plans to turn a computer lab into a “safe space” for LGBTQ and illegal immigrant students.

Toni Airaksinen May 16, 2018 at
7:35 AM EDT

Commencement speaker slammed for criticizing #MeToo movement

This year's commencement speech Sweet Briar College sparked outrage after the speaker said she has only “partial sympathy” for the #MeToo movement.

Grace Gottschling May 15, 2018 at
2:45 PM EDT

Harvard adds hurdle to recognition of 'final clubs'

Harvard's recognition process for single-gender social organizations includes a provision that could prevent some clubs from meeting the criteria.

Emily Hall May 15, 2018 at
2:01 PM EDT

Students blast 'intimidating' endorsement of Nobel for Trump

Students at Rutgers Law School are condemning an “intimidating” statement suggesting that President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Nikita Vladimirov May 15, 2018 at
12:11 PM EDT

Georgia becomes 9th state to pass free speech legislation

Georgia has become the ninth state in the country to pass campus free speech legislation, and Louisiana might not be far behind.

Adam Sabes May 15, 2018 at
9:56 AM EDT

University lifts ban on religious references at graduation

Colorado Mesa University has overruled faculty members who told a student that her graduation speech must be “free of any one religious slant.”

Adam Sabes May 15, 2018 at
8:47 AM EDT

CUNY cuts class calling for ‘Abolition of Whiteness’

Hunter College in NYC appears to have quietly scrapped a course exploring the link between “whiteness” and “violence” after widespread controversy.

Toni Airaksinen May 15, 2018 at
7:00 AM EDT

CUNY partners with Planned Parenthood in pro-abortion research

CUNY is partnering with Planned Parenthood to facilitate research on “reproductive justice,” the progressive code-word for abortion rights.

Toni Airaksinen May 14, 2018 at
3:17 PM EDT

Ed Department investigating anti-male discrimination at Yale

The U.S. Department of Education has opened a Title IX investigation of alleged anti-male discrimination at Yale University.

Toni Airaksinen May 14, 2018 at
2:13 PM EDT
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