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Social Justice Summit might be perpetuating privilege

The University of Florida 's annual Social Justice Summit appears to be contributing to “the preservation of privilege in social justice activism."

Toni Airaksinen Aug 19, 2017 at
11:11 AM EDT

POLL: Most Millennials just fine with Confederate monuments

A new poll suggests that those college students who are demanding the removal of Confederate monuments are actually in the minority among their peers.

Sandor Farkas Aug 18, 2017 at
4:38 PM EDT

Prof: Trump's immigration policies fueled by 'racist nativism'

An education professor claims that concerns over immigration’s impact on on the U.S. are simply a form of “racist nativism.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 18, 2017 at
2:55 PM EDT

Survey: Plurality of med students support 'trigger warnings'

A recent survey found that medical school students are more likely than not to “support the use of trigger warnings” in class.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 18, 2017 at
1:25 PM EDT
Students hold a sit-in at the University of Massachussets in 2016 to demand divestment from fossil fuels.

FSU offers free trainings on how to be a 'social justice ally'

FSU is offering a free “Social Justice Ally Training” program to teach students to “serve as social change agents in a diverse and global society.”

Nikita Vladimirov Aug 18, 2017 at
11:32 AM EDT

Profs urge abortionists to embrace 'gruesomeness' of their jobs

Several pro-abortion University of Michigan professors argue that abortion providers should be more open about the “gruesomeness” of their jobs.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 18, 2017 at
10:16 AM EDT

UVA College Republicans falsely smeared as racists

The UVA College Republicans got a welcome assist from Democratic classmates after its members were falsely accused of participating in the Charlottesville riot.

Sandor Farkas Aug 17, 2017 at
4:07 PM EDT

Oberlin promises 'safe spaces' for illegal immigrant students

Oberlin has also pledged to “start an undocumented student support group or club,” and host events to “increase campus awareness for and of undocumented students.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 17, 2017 at
2:14 PM EDT

Conservative student attacked for wearing YAF hat to vigil

A conservative Ithaca College student claims that “Antifa” members assaulted him during a vigil honoring Heather Heyer, simply because he wore a YAF hat.

Matthew Noyes Aug 17, 2017 at
1:41 PM EDT

UChicago reminds freshmen that it doesn't do safe spaces

For the second year in a row, the University of Chicago is reminding incoming freshmen that they shouldn't expect to find intellectual safe spaces on campus.

Matthew Foldi Aug 17, 2017 at
12:39 PM EDT
Photo by William Snead/Duke Photography. Used with permission.

Duke statue resembling Robert E. Lee vandalized

"[Vandalizing] a house of worship undermines the right, protected in our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, of every Duke student and employee to participate fully in university life."

Nikita Vladimirov Aug 17, 2017 at
12:12 PM EDT

Prof says 'social justice warrior' librarians endanger science

A University of Colorado professor is accusing “social justice warrior” librarians of “betraying” academia to promote an “anti-corporatist” agenda.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 17, 2017 at
10:35 AM EDT

'Opposing weightism' can earn students academic credits at UNH

The University of New Hampshire is currently seeking unpaid interns to “advance fat acceptance as a key social justice issue” in society.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 16, 2017 at
4:13 PM EDT

Rutgers Law hires new profs to help 'advance social justice'

Rutgers Law School recently hired three “social justice scholars” who will help students “work for social justice throughout their careers.”

Toni Airaksinen and Nikita Vladimirov Aug 16, 2017 at
3:13 PM EDT

Archivists lose track of own emails, blame media outlet

The Society of American Archivists has erroneously accused Campus Reform of lying about requesting comment from its members for a recent article.

Neetu Chandak Aug 16, 2017 at
2:25 PM EDT

College hosts ‘lit for social justice retreat’ for high schoolers

Kellogg Community College is hosting a “Lit for Social Justice” retreat for high schoolers interested in discussing topics of “power and privilege.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 16, 2017 at
1:34 PM EDT

Alumni take Trinity to task over free speech 'double standard'

Two Trinity College alumni have publicly rebuked their alma mater’s president for her school’s hypocrisy on free speech.

Sandor Farkas Aug 16, 2017 at
1:04 PM EDT

Mandatory orientation event warns freshmen against 'bias'

Cornell University freshmen must attend a mandatory lecture on “expectations related to identities and bias” this week.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 16, 2017 at
12:30 PM EDT

NYU seeks admin to 'liaise with identity-based student clubs'

New York University is now looking for a full-time employee to help “plan and facilitate a leadership retreat for students of color.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 16, 2017 at
10:28 AM EDT

VIDEO: Nikita talks course lamenting 'American whiteness'

The course is from Grinnell College in Iowa.

Campus Reform Staff Aug 16, 2017 at
10:07 AM EDT

Prof shares tricks for sneaking social justice into classroom

An education professor recently revealed the techniques she uses to push a social agenda and "decenter whiteness" in the classroom.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 15, 2017 at
6:17 PM EDT

Prof: ‘privileging of standard English' is 'linguistic racism'

A CUNY professor wants colleagues to stop insisting that students use standard English, calling it a form of "linguistic racism."

Toni Airaksinen Aug 15, 2017 at
2:18 PM EDT

Berkeley holds early orientations for 'special populations'

UC-Berkeley invited certain “special populations” of new students to move in a day early to attend racially-exclusive orientation sessions.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 15, 2017 at
1:49 PM EDT

Ousted conservative prof accuses UCLA of 'bait & switch'

Keith Fink is accusing UCLA of pulling a “bait and switch” by touting him as a summer instructor even as it worked to oust him from his position.

Sandor Farkas Aug 15, 2017 at
11:14 AM EDT

UC-Davis takes stand against 'heckler's veto'

After years of disruptive student protests designed to shut down speakers on campus, UC-Davis is taking action against the "heckler's veto."

Michael Gofman Aug 15, 2017 at
7:41 AM EDT

Researcher dismisses science 'conducted primarily by white men'

A physics researcher claims that the controversial Google memo is just the latest example of “shoddy science” that is “conducted primarily by white men.”

Celine Ryan Aug 14, 2017 at
3:25 PM EDT

Vassar offers course on fighting economic inequality, sexism

Sociology majors at Vassar College can fulfill an introductory course requirement by enrolling in a section explicitly devoted to social justice issues.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 14, 2017 at
12:12 PM EDT

VIDEO: Cabot talks Trinity's '#LetThemF****ingDie' prof

Campus Reform's Media Director Cabot Phillips joined Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday to discuss the latest insanity on America's college campuses.

Campus Reform Staff Aug 14, 2017 at
11:29 AM EDT

Prof: Google memo was correct about gender differences

A Rutgers professor recently came out in support of the claims made by ex-Google employee James Damore in his now-infamous “Google Manifesto.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 14, 2017 at
11:27 AM EDT

'High white obesity rates jeopardize whiteness,' prof claims

An assistant professor at Portland State University recently argued that talking about obesity “can help reproduce racial injustice.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 14, 2017 at
10:34 AM EDT

Investigator: 'Social justice bake sale' didn't violate policy

A private investigator hired by Regis University has cleared a conservative student of all charges related to a “Social Justice Bake Sale” in March.

Adam Sabes Aug 14, 2017 at
9:35 AM EDT

A monumental mistake

The urgency among universities to whitewash history by eliminating conspicuous apologists for slavery collides with their competing urgency to validate neo-racist policies.

Dion J. Pierre Aug 11, 2017 at
3:16 PM EDT

UW insists diversity training 'requirement' is not 'mandatory'

UW-Madison is spending $272,000 on a new diversity training “requirement” for new students, but insists that participation is not “mandatory.”

Adam Sabes Aug 11, 2017 at
12:51 PM EDT

College provides safe space for 'fat-identified' LGBT students

Montclair State University offers a “weekly discussion group” exclusively for LGBTQ students who are “fat-identified.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 11, 2017 at
11:32 AM EDT

Feminist prof to teach class lamenting 'American Whiteness'

A feminist professor is offering a course this fall on “American Whiteness” that will focus on “attacking racism by making whiteness visible.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 11, 2017 at
10:05 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: SMU Young Americans for Freedom

SMU restores 9/11 memorial to prominence, revises policy

Southern Methodist University has officially reversed its decision to relegate a 9/11 display to a secluded area of campus.

Nikita Vladimirov Aug 10, 2017 at
4:46 PM EDT

Vassar teaches freshmen to 'appreciate social justice'

Incoming freshmen at Vassar College will be required to complete a series of diversity-themed workshops as part of their new-student orientation.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 10, 2017 at
2:44 PM EDT

College rebukes profs who assign 'expensive books' by white guys

The New School offers an extensive guide on “microaggressions” to warn students that such behavior can be “as damaging as ‘explicit’ aggression.”

Anthony Gockowski Aug 10, 2017 at
1:52 PM EDT

Students ask Missouri State to cancel classes for eclipse

Students are demanding that Missouri State University cancel classes for an entire day so they can get a slightly better view of the solar eclipse.

Sandor Farkas Aug 10, 2017 at
12:14 PM EDT

Princeton course fights 'fat phobia' through dance

Princeton is offering a course this fall that will “examine the changing history, aesthetics, politics, and meanings of fatness” through dance.

Matthew Penza Aug 10, 2017 at
10:46 AM EDT

'Fat Studies' course deems 'weightism' a 'social justice issue'

Oregon State University is offering a course on “fat studies” in order to teach students how “weight-based oppression” is a “social justice issue.”

Dan Jackson Aug 09, 2017 at
4:10 PM EDT

Prof pledges to 'deconstruct whiteness' in all her courses

A University of Iowa professor has pledged to devote her classes to making her “mostly white” graduate students aware of their “white privilege.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 09, 2017 at
1:24 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @DrJfierro_

College hosts welcome event for illegal immigrant students

A California community college recently helped students put on a welcome event for illegal immigrant students.

Nikita Vladimirov Aug 09, 2017 at
11:57 AM EDT

Will the other Claremont colleges defend free speech?

Whether they investigate fairly and promptly, enforce order, and punish policy-breakers will show whether they respect free speech.

Rachelle Peterson Aug 09, 2017 at
11:28 AM EDT
Image via Twitter: @phylogenomics

Prof claims victory over '#manel' at microbiome conference

A UC-Davis professor is claiming a victory over the patriarchy after his complaints led organizers of an academic conference to invite more female speakers.

Dan Jackson Aug 09, 2017 at
10:39 AM EDT

UPDATE: UGA prof drops ‘stress reduction policy’ after backlash

The University of Georgia has made a professor remove a “stress reduction policy” that would have allowed students to choose their own grades.

Anthony Gockowski Aug 08, 2017 at
10:37 AM EDT

Social workers must 'focus on privilege,' prof proclaims

A professor says social workers must engage in “anti-oppression and privilege training” or else risk contributing to the “problem of social injustice.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 08, 2017 at
4:14 PM EDT

Prof: campus sex trials like 'European inquisitorial system'

"The next administration could come in and wipe it out."

Toni Airaksinen Aug 08, 2017 at
3:10 PM EDT

Prof says punishing disruptive students is unfair to the left

A Michigan professor recently blasted the state's legislature as a “safe-space for right-wing groupthink” after two free-speech bills were introduced.

Neetu Chandak Aug 08, 2017 at
1:58 PM EDT

Profs call Super Bowl ads 'assaults on Trumpian ideology'

Two Penn State professors say many of the commercials featured during the 2017 Super Bowl were just blatant “corporate assaults on Trumpian ideology.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 08, 2017 at
11:41 AM EDT
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