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The Pitt Maverick Dec 06, 2018 at
9:29 AM EDT

Profs, students: CNN 'racist' for Marc Lamont Hill firing

“The racist nature of this incident should not be overlooked..."

Matthew Stein Dec 05, 2018 at
6:16 PM EDT
Andrew Lawrence Dec 05, 2018 at
5:16 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers

Columbia students shut down SNL writer’s standup

"We ourselves are still processing the events..."

Marissa Gentry Dec 05, 2018 at
4:53 PM EDT

Student senators denounce Betsy DeVos' proposed Title IX changes...without reading them

"It’s everyone’s own prerogative to be as involved in politics as they want to be."

Jesse Stiller Dec 05, 2018 at
1:57 PM EDT
Cory Compton Dec 05, 2018 at
11:47 AM EDT
Celine Ryan Dec 05, 2018 at
10:03 AM EDT

Princeton group nixes ‘misogynistic’ Disney song from repertoire

Rife with “themes of toxic masculinity”

Matthew Penza Dec 04, 2018 at
5:22 PM EDT

University suspends fraternity members over constitutionally protected speech

“This type of speech and behavior has no place in our community."

Adam Sabes Dec 04, 2018 at
4:52 PM EDT

UNC-Charlotte hosts 'Sextival' with NSFW workshop titles

The symposium started with events, titled “Sexy Science Fair" and “Sex in the Community."

Kenneth Nelson Dec 04, 2018 at
4:08 PM EDT

REPORT: Stanford admin suggests frat takes down American flag

A Stanford University administrator allegedly persuaded a now-defunct fraternity to remove an American flag from its house...

Rob Shimshock Dec 04, 2018 at
11:34 AM EDT

UC Berkeley pays conservative org $70,000, claims it did no wrong

"Landmark victory for free expression..."

Mason McKie Dec 04, 2018 at
10:45 AM EDT
Adam Sabes Dec 04, 2018 at
10:33 AM EDT

College president condemns faculty over anti-Israel motion

"A major blow to Pitzer College's mission."

The Claremont Independent Dec 03, 2018 at
5:12 PM EDT

Princeton 'Science After Feminism' course explores whether subject is 'gendered'

"Feminist critics have raised troubling questions."

Matthew Penza Dec 03, 2018 at
5:00 PM EDT

Univ of Utah showcases anti-Trump, anti-conservative book art

"It alienates an entire group of students based off who they voted for."

Frances Floresca Dec 03, 2018 at
12:22 PM EDT
(Photo Credit: YouTube/MTV Decoded)

Idaho student gov funding progressive YouTuber

The YouTuber expressed support for progressive Rep.-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Jesse Stiller Dec 03, 2018 at
11:40 AM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/CNN
Jon Street Dec 03, 2018 at
9:52 AM EDT

Plot twist? UW Madison promotes inclusion through a shared identity

"Universities often focus on different identities as opposed to unifying identities..."

Kenneth Nelson Dec 02, 2018 at
11:35 AM EDT

University's 'racial justice' definition eerily similar to socialism

"A process where power and resources are redistributed..."

Celine Ryan Nov 30, 2018 at
5:10 PM EDT

Princeton students complain about white peers ‘invading’ ‘POC places’

A Princeton University student podcast complained about white students “invading” “POC places” on Wednesday.

Matthew Penza Nov 30, 2018 at
2:24 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: 'White supremacist' Sean Spicer speech leaves UMass labor union salty

"Sean Spicer was invited to speak...and promote himself and his white supremacist views..."

Jon Street Nov 30, 2018 at
1:29 PM EDT

UC-Berkeley student gov unanimously approves resolution to fund migrant caravan

"While some have gradually arrived to the US-Mexico border, thousands are still en route."

Celine Ryan Nov 30, 2018 at
10:28 AM EDT
Photo Credit: YouTube/Fox News

Rutgers profs fume over suspected illegal's DUI arrest

More than 100 Rutgers faculty members penned a letter to the university’s president.

Marissa Gentry Nov 29, 2018 at
5:57 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/CNN

EXCLUSIVE: Temple U confirms Marc Lamont Hill still employed after Israel remarks

"Marc Lamont Hill has been quoted extensively over the last 24 hours."

Grace Gottschling Nov 29, 2018 at
5:36 PM EDT
Jon Street Nov 29, 2018 at
4:09 PM EDT

Don't let colleges stamp out your rights during Christmas

Colleges also have no authority to replace "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays."

Cory Compton Nov 29, 2018 at
1:51 PM EDT

Gonzaga cites Christian mission in rejecting Ben Shapiro event

"Based on the teachings of Christ Jesus..."

Ben Mcdonald Nov 29, 2018 at
10:59 AM EDT

OSU adds 'Food and Culture in Social Justice' certificate and grad minor

"I will admit some classes seem a little odd..."

Adam Sabes Nov 28, 2018 at
5:49 PM EDT

Univ offers paid fellowships for 'underrepresented' students only

“to attract promising researchers and educators from different backgrounds..."

Celine Ryan Nov 28, 2018 at
3:45 PM EDT

Former Dem mayor prof assigns essay about 'offensive' character, 'Donald Rump'

"I showed my friends, who also thought it was a joke of an assignment..."

Celine Ryan Nov 28, 2018 at
11:34 AM EDT

Coordinated effort at NC State for sanctuary campus status

“We would like to request that Student Government take the initiative on researching the precedent for a public university having policies in which university police is not allowed to call ICE."

Adam Sabes Nov 28, 2018 at
9:46 AM EDT
Marissa Gentry Nov 27, 2018 at
5:16 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/Fox News

Labor union slams UMass for letting Sean Spicer speak

The group claims there's "danger in legitimizing [Spicer's] voice..."

Jon Street Nov 27, 2018 at
4:17 PM EDT

Student gov alleges faculty 'abuse of power' on Israel vote

To “act unilaterally without regard to Student Voice…constitutes an abuse of power."

The Claremont Independent Nov 27, 2018 at
1:50 PM EDT

UMass: Qualified faculty candidates must be 'appropriately diverse'

The guide makes it clear that diversity becomes a priority...

Grace Gottschling Nov 27, 2018 at
10:24 AM EDT

UW Madison hosts event for 'white identifying LGBTQ+ folks'

“We do not discriminate based on race, gender or other characteristics..."

Kenneth Nelson Nov 26, 2018 at
4:34 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/ABC News
Rob Shimshock Nov 26, 2018 at
3:56 PM EDT
Adam Sabes Nov 26, 2018 at
2:52 PM EDT
Screengrab/YouTube: CNN

Conn. college promotes David Hogg for 'Social Justice Month'

To inspire students with "awareness,” “knowledge,” and “action..."

Grace Gottschling Nov 26, 2018 at
12:28 PM EDT

Univ of Iowa invites students to reflect on their 'whiteness'

"[F]or people who want to learn about and discuss the inherent privileges that come with being White."

Kenneth Nelson Nov 26, 2018 at
10:15 AM EDT
Screengrab/YouTube: NBC News

ANALYSIS: Higher ed's impact on Mississippi runoff

Young voter turnout is expected to hold a lot of weight.

Grace Gottschling Nov 25, 2018 at
5:02 AM EDT

Duke Univ produces 'himpathy,' 'himpunity' podcast

"Is male supremacy inevitable? How did we get sexism/patriarchy/misogyny, and what can we do about it?'”

Marissa Gentry Nov 24, 2018 at
5:01 AM EDT

DePaul course examines social media and 'attacks on women and queer people'

“I don’t see any practical use for these types of courses."

Ema Gavrilovic Nov 23, 2018 at
5:01 AM EDT

5 colleges you're probably thankful your kids don't attend

Yes, there's even more to be thankful for.

Jon Street Nov 22, 2018 at
11:56 AM EDT
Andrew Lawrence Nov 21, 2018 at
3:18 PM EDT

Student protesters: Armed police 'endangers many'

It “does not reflect the direct needs of this campus and surrounding community."

Ben Mcdonald Nov 21, 2018 at
1:23 PM EDT

Is Thanksgiving 'racist'? College students react (VIDEO)

"[W]e're celebrating taking away land from Natives."

Josiah Tejada, Jon Street, and Cabot Phillips Nov 21, 2018 at
10:17 AM EDT
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