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University restores status of Christian group following lawsuit

Wayne State University has restored the status of a Christian student group just two days after being hit with a lawsuit for decertifying it.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 09, 2018 at
10:32 AM EDT

University cancels leadership conference over lack of diversity

A Catholic university in Minnesota cancelled a leadership conference it had planned to host in January after determining that it had selected an insufficiently diverse pool of speakers.

Mitchell Rolling Mar 08, 2018 at
3:50 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @RSF_Austin

Communist students vandalize WWI memorial at UT-Austin

A UT-Austin student group that advocates armed revolution against “the capitalist state” vandalized a fountain on campus for International Women’s Day.

Kassy Dillon Mar 08, 2018 at
2:43 PM EDT

Iowa Dems claim free speech bill would 'legalize' discrimination

Democrats in the Iowa Senate argue that a proposed free speech bill would create “legalized” discrimination.

Adam Sabes Mar 08, 2018 at
2:01 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @charlesmurray

Student paper apologizes for printing photo of Charles Murray

The editor-in-chief of the Middlebury College student newspaper has personally apologized for running a photo of conservative scholar Charles Murray.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 08, 2018 at
1:37 PM EDT
Women's March participants in Orange County, California

Prof to discuss 'reproductive justice in the age of Trump’ at USM

USM is hosting a lecture next month on "reproductive justice in the age of Trump" and how it counters “white supremacy and male supremacy.”

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 08, 2018 at
12:42 PM EDT

UCSB students demand more resources for illegal immigrants

A student group at UC-Santa Barbara staged a walkout Monday to demand immigration reform and various resources for illegal immigrant students.

Sandor Farkas Mar 08, 2018 at
11:28 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: UCLA Social Justice Advocates

UCLA 'Social Justice Advocates' resume fight against 'privilege'

UCLA's "Social Justice Advocates" program is once again paying students to fight “whiteness, privilege, and heteronormativity” on campus.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 08, 2018 at
9:54 AM EDT

Liberals have 20:1 edge in student fee funding at UW-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison students pay an estimated $7.60 to fund liberal causes each fiscal year, but just $0.36 towards conservative groups.

Sandor Farkas Mar 07, 2018 at
3:48 PM EDT

Christian students sue university for revoking club status

A Christian student group is accusing Wayne State University of revoking its status for requiring its leaders to affirm Christian beliefs.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 07, 2018 at
2:50 PM EDT

Popular academic org continues to call for gun control

The AAUP is publicly calling for what it deems “sensible gun control measures,” such as prohibiting all firearms on college campuses. 

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 07, 2018 at
2:32 PM EDT

Prof compares conservatives to white supremacists

A professor recently compared conservative students to white supremacists, suggesting that there is “so much overlap between their beliefs.” 

Celine Ryan Mar 07, 2018 at
1:22 PM EDT
American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray.

Miami relents on $7k security fee for Charles Murray event

The University of Miami says it will no longer require a conservative student group to pay a $7,646 security fee for an upcoming Charles Murray event.

Adam Sabes Mar 07, 2018 at
11:28 AM EDT

Clemson frats punished over false sexual assault claim

Clemson frats remain subject to strict new rules imposed in response to an alleged sexual assault, even after police found that the report was untrue.

Mitchell Gunter Mar 07, 2018 at
10:08 AM EDT

Student gov election delayed to give lefty ticket a chance

A liberal student government ticket managed to force a second election despite being found guilty of making several discriminatory comments. 

Chrissy Clark and Adam Sabes Mar 06, 2018 at
9:34 PM EDT

Students sing, shout over ‘fascist’ Christina Hoff Sommers

Protesters at Lewis and Clark Law School shut down a speech by Christina Hoff Sommers Monday, shouting and even singing over her throughout the talk.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 06, 2018 at
2:30 PM EDT
Elected officials told the audience that

UCLA hosts ‘Undocumented Unafraid’ forum for DACA supporters

Several UCLA departments hosted a forum Monday to galvanize support for illegal immigrants and discuss recent developments related to DACA.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 06, 2018 at
2:00 PM EDT

BDS referendum moves forward at UMN

The initiative demands that the University of Minnesota divest from companies accused of assisting Israel in committing human rights violations against Palestine.

Mitchell Rolling Mar 06, 2018 at
1:44 PM EDT

Vandals deface photo of pro-Trump admin's deceased father

A CUNY Kingsborough Community College administrator believes he is being targeted by vandals for his pro-Trump, pro-Israel views.

Kassy Dillon Mar 06, 2018 at
12:49 PM EDT

College urges profs to facilitate gun control walkout

Palm Beach State College recently urged faculty members to participate in an upcoming walkout to demand stricter gun control legislation.

Anthony Gockowski Mar 06, 2018 at
11:50 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: Rider University College Republicans

Conservative students say student gov bill 'puts us at risk'

Conservatives at Rider University are up in arms over a student government bill that they fear will be used to shut down conservative groups on campus.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 06, 2018 at
10:24 AM EDT

Students call Christina Hoff Sommers a 'known fascist'

Students at Lewis and Clark Law School recently decried the invitation of Christina Hoff Sommers to campus as an “act of aggression and violence.”

Toni Airaksinen Mar 06, 2018 at
7:52 AM EDT

OSU prof goes on anti-Republican tirade in class

An Ohio State University professor recently slammed the entire panel of 2016 GOP primary candidates in an inexplicable 15-minute rant.

Bradley Devlin Mar 05, 2018 at
5:49 PM EDT

Student op-ed: Conservatives ‘must re-evaluate their beliefs’

A George Washington University student is amazed that conservatives can resist the "endless resources that challenge conservative ideals" on campus.

Kara Zupkus Mar 05, 2018 at
4:06 PM EDT

Miami University paying students to promote ‘radical feminism’

The Women’s Center at Miami University is paying students to organize events that promote “social justice and radical feminism” on campus.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 05, 2018 at
2:48 PM EDT

Purdue quietly revises ‘biased language’ writing guide

Purdue University has revised a popular online writing guide that has been criticized for stating that words with “man” in them “should be avoided.”

Adam Sabes Mar 05, 2018 at
12:29 PM EDT

Brown student calls for 'revolution' against 'toxic masculinity’

A Brown University student wants a “men’s revolution” to “liberate not only men, but all of society, from the constraints of toxic masculinity.”

Toni Airaksinen Mar 05, 2018 at
11:18 AM EDT

Duke mandates random roommates in the name of diversity

Duke University is no longer allowing incoming freshmen to select their own roommates, lest they choose people with “similar backgrounds” to their own.

Celine Ryan Mar 05, 2018 at
10:20 AM EDT

College includes 'it' among gender-neutral pronouns

Bryn Mawr College recently produced a new pamphlet that adds “co,” “kit,” “sie,” “it,” and “ey” to the list of “gender-neutral” pronouns.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 05, 2018 at
8:19 AM EDT

UConn hosts Linda Sarsour; no special counseling offered

The University of Connecticut will host Linda Sarsour this month, but does not seem to be offering special counseling, as it did for Ben Shapiro.

Kassy Dillon Mar 04, 2018 at
9:34 PM EDT

Florida lawmakers revive campus free speech legislation

A Florida bill to curb the heckler's veto and ban free speech zones on college campuses cleared a major hurdle Wednesday despite a previous setback.

Adam Sabes Mar 02, 2018 at
3:48 PM EDT

Brown course claims 'whitelash' led to Trump's election

Brown University will offer a course on the “whitelash” that supposedly caused President Trump’s election as part of a program for high-schoolers.

Anthony Gockowski and Toni Airaksinen Mar 02, 2018 at
3:11 PM EDT

Activists use Trump pic to make case against business major

Flyers at the University of Chicago use images of three “business bros,” including President Trump, to oppose a proposed Business Economics major.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 02, 2018 at
1:41 PM EDT

Microaggressions can be ‘lethal,’ profs tells Berkeley students

A UCLA professor told students at UC-Berkeley Wednesday that “racial microaggressions” can be “lethal” because they lead to “racial battle fatigue.”

Bradley Devlin Mar 02, 2018 at
12:43 PM EDT

Chelsea Manning to speak on ‘ethics of public service’ at UCLA

UCLA has invited Chelsea Manning to give a talk next week on “ethics in public service” and “activism and protest.”

Toni Airaksinen Mar 02, 2018 at
10:25 AM EDT

New group emerges to defend free speech on campus

A national advocacy organization called Speech First launched this week with the mission of defending students' free speech rights on college campuses.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 01, 2018 at
4:38 PM EDT

College physics course requires 'Decolonization' project

Students in a physics course at Pomona College were required to complete a project addressing issues such as “implicit bias” and “microaggressions.”

Chris Rossi Mar 01, 2018 at
3:44 PM EDT

Prof accuses conservative students of being funded by Russia

A biology professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake told a conservative student group that they are “probably receiving Russian funding.”

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 01, 2018 at
2:52 PM EDT

VIDEO: Protesters try to kick Campus Reform out of protest

Pro-union demonstrators protesting a speech by Mark Mix took violent objection to Campus Reform's attempts to learn more about their grievances.

Cabot Phillips Mar 01, 2018 at
1:06 PM EDT

College lists 'ne,' 've,' 'ey' as gender neutral pronouns

Kennesaw State University recently produced a new pamphlet that adds “ne,” “ve,” “ey,” “ze,” and “xe” to the list of gender neutral pronouns.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 01, 2018 at
11:38 AM EDT

New scholarship to hand out $20 million to DACA students

Southern New Hampshire University is collaborating on a program that will provide $20 million in scholarships to illegal immigrant students.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 01, 2018 at
11:04 AM EDT

Librarians warn ‘Christian fragility’ causes microaggressions

Librarians at Simmons College are warning Christian students that “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God bless you” are microaggressions.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 01, 2018 at
10:16 AM EDT

Texas students launch 'No Whites Allowed' magazine

A group of students at the University of Texas, San Antonio plans to start publishing a “No Whites Allowed” (NWA) magazine.

Mitchell Gunter Mar 01, 2018 at
8:24 AM EDT

SDSU impeachment course no longer explicitly referencing Trump

Following public backlash, San Diego State has tweaked the name of a course that it claims was never about removing President Trump from office.

Celine Ryan Feb 28, 2018 at
3:19 PM EDT
The RSF also vandalized a conservative group's recruitment board in September.

Twitter suspends student group for 'promoting violence'

A UT-Austin student group that promotes armed revolution against “the capitalist state” says Twitter suspended its account for “promoting violence.”

Kassy Dillon Feb 28, 2018 at
1:47 PM EDT

School awards academic credit for ‘feminist’ blogging

The University of Idaho Women’s Center is recruiting students to write “feminist influenced blog articles” in exchange for academic credit.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 28, 2018 at
12:56 PM EDT

University asks students if they've ever ‘gagged on a penis’

A “College Sex Survey” sent out by Michigan State University asks students if they have ever “gagged on a penis” or “ejaculated on someone's face.”

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 28, 2018 at
10:40 AM EDT

AZ funds 'freedom schools' to counter liberal hegemony on campus

Arizona is funding new academic programs designed to broaden intellectual diversity by examining the importance of Western culture and free markets.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 27, 2018 at
4:22 PM EDT

DePaul agrees to 'reconsider' Steven Crowder invitation

DePaul University has agreed to reconsider its decision to reject a request from its YAF chapter to hold an event featuring Steven Crowder.

Ema Gavrilovic Feb 27, 2018 at
2:22 PM EDT

Princeton only Ivy to refuse free pass for gun control protesters

Princeton is the only Ivy League school not giving a free pass to applicants punished by their high schools for pro-gun control demonstrations.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 27, 2018 at
12:52 PM EDT
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