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Adam Ellwanger
Professor, University of Houston - Downtown

About Adam

Adam Ellwanger is full professor of English at the University of Houston - Downtown, where he teaches rhetoric and writing. He edits The Peerless Review (an online journal for research in the humanities and social sciences) and hosts a podcast called "Whither the Looniversity?" -- a series of conversations with non-woke professors about how to fix higher education. His research, which focuses on persuasion, political discourse, critical theory, and media culture, has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals such as Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Academic Questions, Pedagogy, Journal of Modern Literature, and Review of Communication. In addition, he is a frequent writer of political and cultural commentary for a variety of conservative publications including IM-1776, The American Mind, Human Events, The American Conservative, Quillette and many more. Contact him @1HereticalTruth on Twitter or email at

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