These Hamas-supporting Florida student groups could be next on DeSantis' chopping block

The Desantis administration recently announced its move towards disbanding student organizations that support Hamas terrorists.

Beginning with an Oct. 24 directive to terminate at least two National Students for Justice in Palestine chapters, the Desantis Administration has moved to deactivate student organizations within the State University System of Florida that support Hamas terrorists. 

The following student groups have celebrated Hamas’ attack on Israel:

Florida State University Students for a Democratic Society (FSU SDS) 

FSU SDS recently hosted a joint rally with two community leftist organizations to protest in “solidarity” with Palestine. 

Among other chants, attendees called for the eradication of Israel, shouting “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Israel has got to go!” and “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! This occupation has got to go!” The protestors also chanted “Resistance is justified! When people are occupied!” 

Earlier this year, the organization also described Hamas’ attack on Israel as a “brave assault… on the Zionist entity known as Israel.” According to Florida’s Voice, the FSU SDS president said that Hamas’ actions were a “justified response to want to fight back.” 

University of Florida Students for Justice in Palestine (UF SJP) 

The UF SJP has repeatedly called on university administrators to denounce Israel’s retaliation following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel. In an Oct. 19 Instagram announcement, the organization called for UF President Ben Sasse to condemn “the genocide of Palestinians and seeks to ensure a safe environment for our communities within the University of Florida.”

UF SJP also hosted a walkout on Oct. 25 with similar aims. “Please join us this Wednesday to DEMAND the University of Florida to divest from Israel and condemn the genocide of Palestinians,” an Instagram announcement reads. 

Florida State University Students for Justice in Palestine (FSU SJP)

One week ago, the FSU SJP said on Instagram that the fact the West continues to support the state of Israel is “immoral.”

“As Israel is blatantly showing the world how genocidal its regime has always been, we apologize to the Palestinian community for the appearance of equating the suffering of Israel with that of Palestine,” the organization writes. “The Israeli state is a well-funded, militarily-advanced, apartheid state intent on ethnic cleansing.” 

It continues further, claiming that “Netanyahu’s government has chosen to abandon its gradual genocide that gave it more plausible deniability in favor of a rapid elimination. The fact that the Western world still stands with Israel is beyond immoral, but also ironic, considering the growing dissent within Israel.”

“We must recognize and unequivocally protest the actions of Israel,” the statement concludes.

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (Tampa Bay SDS) 

Like many student groups, Tampa Bay SDS—the official SDS chapter at the University of South Florida)—took to social media to stand with Palestine against the state of Israel. 

Earlier this week, Tampa Bay SDS posted their official reactionary statement on Instagram. The statement, which describes Hamas terrorists as “the brave Palestinian resistance in Gaza,” simultaneously describes the attack as “successful” and Israel’s response as a genocide. 

The group’s official statement ends with “we DEMAND an end to US aid to Israel, and DEMAND an end to USF’s relationship with Israel. LONG LIVE PALESTINE.”

Florida International University Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP at FIU)

The SJP at FIU is one of the many student organizations across the country participating in national walkout protests against Israel. 

In its protest announcement, the organization criticized FIU President Kenneth A. Jessell’s statement that expressed FIU’s support for Israel. In response, FIU SJP is also demanding that President Jessell condemn Israel’s military response. 

The organization has recently been active in its protests for Palestinian victory over the state of Israel. It has also encouraged people to call their senators from home to “demand [state senators] stand for the human rights of Palestinians and on the right side of history.”

Many Florida student groups participated in the nationwide pro-Hamas “walkout” organized by National Students for Justice in Palestine. 

University of Florida Islam On Campus (UF IOC)

University of Florida Arab Students Association (UF ASA)

University of Florida Islam on Campus and The University of Florida Arab Students Association posted identical announcements advertising the Wednesday rally to “DEMAND” the university “divest from Israel and condemn the genocide of Palestinians.”

After the event, the groups attended a “vigil” for the Hamas “martyrs.”

University of North Florida Students for a Democratic Society (UNF SDS)

In its Instagram post announcing its participation in the walkout, University of North Florida Students for a Democratic Society repeated Hamas propaganda, accusing Israel of the hospital bombing, which video evidence indicates was the result of a botched Hamas rocket launch.