5 most egregious student and faculty arrests of 2018

Left-wing activism on campus often surpasses free expression and protest, becoming disruption and even assault. In continuation of our 2018 Year In Review roundups, here are the top five student and faculty arrests.

1. Student arrested after dousing College Republicans with paint

Back in April, a University of Washington student was arrested after throwing paint at members of the College Republicans (CR) chapter who were tabling on campus.

The CR group was familiar with this kind of harassment -- its members reported being filmed by a local Antifa group earlier that day and the following day, another student attempted to thwart CR tabling by laying on top of the table, preventing its use.

2. Student arrested, charged with battery after confrontation with College Republicans

Police at Florida State University arrested and charged a student with battery in November after the student allegedly assaulted a College Republicans member during a tabling event. The student was caught on video throwing her drink on one CR member and kicking a nearby sign.

“I hope you all realize that you are normalizing and enabling Nazis,” the individual said on camera. “And you can film me, I don’t give a shit.”

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3. Student arrested for dousing Confederate statue with red paint

Back in May, a University of North Carolina Student, Maya Little, was arrested for throwing a mixture of red paint and her own blood on Silent Sam, a Confederate statue on campus. 

“Today I have thrown my blood and red ink on this statue as a part of the continued mission to provide the context that the Chancellor [Carol Folt] refuses to,” Little wrote in a  public statement. “Chancellor Folt, if you refuse to remove the statue, then we will continue to contextualize it. Silent Sam is violence; Silent Sam is the genocide of black people; Silent Sam is antithetical to our right to exist. You should see him the way that we do, at the forefront of our campus covered in our blood.”

4. UNC TAs plot to ‘withhold grading’ ‘until certain demands are met’ over Silent Sam statue

Protesters tore down the Silent Sam statue in August. The university, seeking to follow state law, proposed housing the statue in a $5 million facility on the edge of campus, a Board of Trustees proposal which UNC’s Board of Governors subsequently shot down in December.

Little got arrested in another statue-related protest in December, this time for assault of a police officer and inciting a riot.

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5. Prof convicted of vandalizing home of NRA lobbyist

In May, a University of Nebraska, Lincoln professor, Patricia Hill, was convicted of spraying the home of an NRA lobbyist with fake blood.

The professor had been protesting outside NRA lobbyist Chris Cox’s home periodically for nearly a month prior to the vandalism, for which she was ordered to pay a $500 fine. The court judge also placed a protection order against Hill, restricting her from coming within 500 feet of Cox or his family.

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