5 most outrageous professor statements of 2018

Campus Reform rounded up five of the most outrageous instances of college faculty and staff who have made statements describing violent acts and inflammatory rhetoric. 

  1.   Yale law prof encourages people to ‘hide immigrants from ICE’

In July, Campus Reform reported on a Yale University professor, Gregg Gonsalves, who suggested on Twitter that “we hide immigrants from ICE if we have to.” 

The law professor, who did not have a law degree at the time of this initial report, insisted that this would be an act of “civil disobedience,” rather than aiding and abetting criminals.

Gonsalves had made multiple social media posts at the time in support of publicly releasing ICE agents’ personal information, an act commonly referred to as “doxxing,” stating: “I have no qualms about showing up at ICE regional directors’ homes. They can leave their jobs at the office and feel free from scrutiny at home. Lucky them.” 

2. Brooklyn College Prof: Trump’s immigration policy goal is to inflate ‘body count’

A Brooklyn College professor of Constitutional Rights and Political Science, Anna O. Law, made several social media posts in July regarding her opinion on immigration. 

“Trump’s immigration policy is about inflating ‘body count’ stats, not about removing dangerous criminals,” Law wrote. “If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, without proof of citizenship on your person...any brown person will do.”

Law later responded to her tweet, adding, “Reason, why I’m pointing this out, is that since Trump has now formed a de-naturalization force, one’s citizenship via naturalization is tenuous and apparently contingent on whether the Admin is nativist. Why then tie precious barrels of rights to it?” 

Law made a subsequent tweet claiming that “ending birthright citizenship” is a “white supremacist move.”

3. Georgetown University Professor: White GOP senators in Kavanaugh hearing ‘deserve miserable deaths’

In September, Christine Fair, a Distinguished Associate Professor at Georgetown University, repeatedly posted about then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP deserving to die.

“Look at thus [sic] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” Fair tweeted, appearing to reference a video of “Lindsey Graham’s tirade,” adding that “all of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.” 

Fair continued her thoughts on the hearings and the GOP by tweeting, “Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

Following Campus Reform’s initial report on Fair’s comments, she made specific posts on her blog targeting student journalists in Campus Reform’s Correspondent program. 

As of December, Fair is still employed by Georgetown University, although she is on “research leave.” 

4. Minnesota State University Professor: Virgin Mary didn’t give consent

A Minnesota State University psychology professor, Eric Sprankle, tweeted his opinion that the Virgin Mary, a minor, did not consent to become pregnant with Jesus Christ. 

When met with negative criticism of his view on Twitter, Sprankle further explained his position, saying that “the biblical god regularly punished disobedience. The power difference (deity vs mortal) and the potential for violence for saying ‘no’ negates her ‘yes.’” 

“To put someone in this position is an unethical abuse of power at best and grossly predatory at worst,” Sprankle concluded.

5. Northeastern University Professor and Admin says feminists have ‘every right’ to ‘hate men

In a Washington Post op-ed, women and gender studies professor, Suzanna Danuta Walters, wrote that men should “step away” to make room for women, as they “have every right to hate you.”

The Northeastern University professor begins her article with the question: “Is it really so illogical to hate men?” 

“My edge has been crossed for a long time,” Walters writes, citing recent #MeToo allegations against high-profile men, rampant sexual assaults and “red pill men’s groups and rape camps.”  

“Seen in this indisputably true context, it seems logical to hate men,” Walters wrote, criticizing feminists who “don’t hate men.”

“Start with this,” Walters instructs men. “Lean out so we can actually just stand up without being beaten down. Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power.”

“And please know that your crocodile tears won’t be wiped away by us anymore,” Walters admonishes. “We have every right to hate you. You have done us wrong. #BecausePatriarchy. It is long past time to play hard for Team Feminism. And win.”

Following Walters’ op-ed, a Title IX complaint was filed against her but Northeastern University opted not to conduct an investigation against the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department Chair.

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