5 times academia caved to the woke mob

2022 was a year that came with a fresh set of leftist demands. These are 5 times universities caved to leftist demands.

2022 was a year that came with a fresh set of leftist demands. These are 5 times universities caved to leftist demands.

1. Christian university caves to faculty members’ dissent on Biblical view of sexual morality

Calvin University’s Board of Trustees voted on Oct. 28 to retain faculty who disagreed with the school’s biblical position on human sexuality. A number of professors at the Michigan school dissented from part of the university’s “Covenant for Faculty Members,” a document faculty have generally been obligated to sign and agree to in order to work at the university.

The covenant obligates faculty to abide by the stances of the Christian Reformed Church, which holds to traditional biblical standards concerning sexuality, restricting licit sexual behavior to that between one man and one woman within marriage. Despite this, numerous professors have objected to this standard, expressing that they believe sex outside of heterosexual marriage is not always sinful and that they want to support LGBTQ+ students.

2. University fires ‘medical ethics’ director after he challenges vaccine mandate, files lawsuit

The University of California, Irvine fired Aaron Kheriaty after he refused to comply with the UC system’s vaccine mandate and challenged the policy with a lawsuit.  Kheriaty had served as director of UC Irvine’s Medical Ethics program. Kheriaty also served as professor of psychiatry at the UCI School of Medicine.  

A witness declaration from UC School of Medicine faculty supports the premise and suggests those with natural immunity “may suffer worse adverse effects after vaccination than individuals not previously exposed to the virus.”

3. OPINION: I was fired from a university newspaper for questioning leftist dogma

In Fall 2022, I got hired by the University of Utah’s student-run newspaper The Daily Utah ChronicleFrom the start, I explicitly stated that I do not side with any political ideology, and told Opinion Editor Camden Alexander that I take a philosophical unbiased approach to my writing.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a pitch I made to the newspaper. I had used one of the banned terms again, in this case, “identity politics.” I submitted this pitch: “Identity politics is killing the left, Bernie Sanders is the best possible solution: The left seems to have conformed to people who side ideologically but encourage the system itself. Bernie Sanders is seeking to provide actual change and his moral ideals have remained consistent through the years.” 


4. ASU cancels fundraiser with Republican congressmen

Arizona State University canceled a fundraiser featuring two Republican congressmen, a school representative confirmed to Campus Reform

The event, advertised to take place mid-February, was slated to feature Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs and former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz. The event was set to benefit the Political History and Leadership (PHL) program at ASU. ASU senior media relations office Jerry Gonzalez told Campus Reform that the event was canceled “due to a breach of scheduling protocol by a faculty member” in the program, but declined to specify which policy was violated.

5. Professor suspended after publicly criticizing university’s ‘wokeness’

Rev. Dr. Gregory P Schulz, a philosophy professor and Lutheran pastor, was suspended from Concordia University in Wisconsin following the publishing of his Feb. 14 article “Woke Dysphoria at Concordia.”

“Wokeness appears to be developing into a pathology at my ‘institution of Lutheran higher education’” Schulz wrote in Christian News article, criticizing the direction of Concordia University.  Five days later, Schulz discovered that he was suspended from the university. He apparently did not know why, even after getting locked out of his university email account and banned from all campus properties.