Former Ivy League prof delivers scathing rebuke of Ivy League schools (VIDEO)

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Friday that Liberty University has more intellectual diversity than Harvard.

The comment came the same week as President Trump signed a free speech executive order.

Harvard University Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Friday that Liberty University is more intellectually diverse than Harvard. 

At Liberty University’s convocation on Friday, Dershowitz praised Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, citing viewpoint disagreements. 

”You have invited me to speak here today, even though we have some fundamental disagreements about some social issues, about some political issues, about some religious issues. But you welcome me with open arms,” Dershowitz said. “The obverse is not true.”

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”Somebody with your views would not be welcome to speak today at major Ivy League universities,” Dershowitz said, referring to Falwell. 

”I’d be there defending you. I’d be there introducing you. I’d be proud to have you as a speaker on my campus but you would be shut down,” the Harvard professor emeritus continued. 

”And I think many people would be shocked to know that Liberty University is more diverse in its opinions than Harvard University,” he added.



Dershowitz’s comments came the same week that President Donald Trump signed an executive order intended to withdraw federal research funding from colleges and universities, including Harvard, that do not adequately support free speech. 

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According to a Campus Reform report, Harvard University received $573,157,000 in federal research funds in 2017.

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