Princeton student gov spends $10k for 'Anti-Racism Reading Project'

In total, the initiative costs over $14,000.

The Princeton University Student Government is giving away books to students that promote "Anti-Racism."

The Princeton University Undergraduate Student Government is promoting its “Anti-Racism Reading Project,” which is purchasing more than 1,200 digital copies of two books promoting anti-racism and making them available to students through funding by the student government and the university’s Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

According to The Daily PrincetonianRachel Hazan, the treasurer for the Princeton Student Government, said that it is using a $10,000 surplus of funds from spring 2020, plus a $2,500 donation from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Student,  to purchase 645 copies of each book on the list. The total cost of purchase comes out to an anticipated cost of more than $14,000, and the student government is reaching out to other campus organizations in order to fully fund the project.

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Students can choose from Breathe: A Letter to My Sons, written by Hughes-Rogers, a professor in the Princeton Department of African American studies, and Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own, written by Eddie Glaude, who is the chair of the Department of African American studies, according to the article.

The books were selected after feedback from some students who are concentrating their studies in African American studies.

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In an email to the Princeton student population, the Undergraduate Student Government described that this initiative is only a starting point, and more actions must be taken.

“The process of learning and unlearning is ongoing and imperative to combating the systemic oppression of Black people. While we all read and discuss this book together, we also urge you to continue to vote, protest, contact elected officials, have difficult conversations with friends and family about race, donate to organizations that are fighting systemic racism, support Black-owned businesses, and continue taking action in any other ways that you are able.”

USG President Chitra Parikh added that further action on racism will be addressed this semester.

 “We plan to advocate for Princeton-specific actions to address racism to be an agenda item at a Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC) meeting so that all members of the Princeton community, especially students, can provide their input to the administrators, faculty, and other members of the CPUC,” Parikh said.

Campus Reform has not received responses after reaching out to Princeton University, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, and members of the Undergraduate Student Government.

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