'Antifa has been given free rein on college campuses,' Cabot Phillips says

Phillips attributed the far-left group's rise to colleges being the "perfect place" to recruit supporters.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips weighed in on the rise of Antifa on Fox & Friends Wednesday.

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips said on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning that colleges are the “perfect place for Antifa to recruit” because of the type of atmosphere that’s been festering in academia for years. 

Phillips responded to former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales, who is now an employee of Campus Reform’s parent organization, the Leadership Institute, who said that colleges “allow Antifa to work under their noses.” Phillips said Antifa has been able to grow on campuses because “they know that classrooms are places that are inundating students with these anti-capitalist, anti-cop, anti-conservative messages.” 

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Phillips said because of these types of messages that students hear in the classroom, “students are more receptive to that kind of extreme rhetoric when they hear it from people who are in Antifa already.” Phillips also attributed the rise of Antifa to the “social justice mindset” on campus.

”Antifa has been given free rein on college campuses for too long to recruit,” Phillips said. And that’s a problem, he added, because “we know that what happens on college campuses inevitably bleeds out into society.” 

Phillips said the recent rioting in major American cities came out of nowhere. 

”Sadly, they’ve had too long to grow on college campuses,” he said.

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