ASU president scorches TPUSA reporters for apparent self-defense against pro-LGBT prof

‘This is the kind of outrageous conduct that you would expect to see from bullies in a high school cafeteria,’ ASU President Michael Crow writes.

Security footage reveals ASU Professor David Boyles accosting the TPUSA crew before being laid out on the ground.

President Michael Crow of Arizona State University published a response to last week’s incident in which two Turning Point USA reporters approached the LGBT activist Professor, David Boyles. According to the conservative group, Boyles has written in a recent blog post that, “Sex education is a topic I’ve been obsessed with for a while.”

“Cowards that they are and so confident in the legality and appropriateness of their actions, the Turning Point USA ‘reporter’ and ‘cameraman’ then ran away from the scene before police arrived,” Crow wrote. “This is the kind of outrageous conduct that you would expect to see from bullies in a high school cafeteria.”

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In the letter, Crow continued to blast TPUSA for ignoring his request to remove ASU professors from its Professor Watch List, which includes Boyles.

Footage from security cameras and TPUSA’s camera feed offers more context.

The video from TPUSA Frontline shows the reporter peppering Boyles with pointed questions about his alleged sex education obsession, and Boyles eventually lashed out at the cameraman. The footage cuts abruptly as Boyles lunges for the camera.

TPUSA reports on X that “Boyles’ assault resulted in a disconnected wire that caused the video to cut out.”

Security camera footage shows the TPUSA reporter knocking Boyles down after Boyles accosted the cameraman.

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The Professor Watch List also reports that Boyles is the author of pedophilic fiction about a Christian boy whose tutor grooms him. What content there was, published on Boyles’ Substack, Angelic Troublemakers, has since been removed from the site.

Boyles’ Substack still features various LGBTQ+ content and promotions.

TPUSA Professor Watch List also identifies Boyles as the professor pushing for Drag Queen Story Hours at local Arizona libraries.

Campus Reform has contacted all parties mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.