Calif. college offers class on Trump's 'potential impeachment'

The University of California-Santa Cruz is currently offering a course on President Donald Trump’s “potential impeachment” with a focus on climate change in regard to “the Native Uprising against the Dakota Access Pipeline” and Trump’s “’neglect of duty’” with regard to the issue.

Trajectories of Justice: Standing Rock, Climate Change, and Trump’s Potential Impeachment” (COWL 126) will teach “students to become expert[s] on the potential impeachment of Donald Trump in the context of progressive American history, emphasizing his ‘Neglect of Duty’ regarding global climate change.”

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Daniel Sheehan is listed as the course instructor and, according to his personal website, graduated from Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School. Sheehan lists “public interest investigations,” “civil discovery,” and “public interest cases” as areas of legal expertise.  

The course is being taught “in a progressive historical perspective” and lists several assigned readings detailing the process of impeachment, the Mueller report, climate change, and the efforts of Indigenous peoples’ against pipelines and other environmental impacts, according to Sheehan’s personal website. 

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It should be noted that Alan Dershowitz’s book, The Case Against the Democratic House Impeaching Trump, is required reading, as well as a lecture on “non-impeachment precedents.” The undergraduate course is hosted by Cowell College, a residential college of UCSC that houses the Philosophy department and the Language program. 

Campus Reform reached out to both Sheehan and UCSC for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication. 

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