Campus Reform reporter says Syracuse professors are targeting her

Syracuse University Campus Reform Correspondent Justine Murray says her journalism has earned the ire of some of her professors.

In an interview, Murray revealed what she says is targeted harrassment by Syracuse faculty.

Campus Reform Correspondent and Syracuse University student Justine Murray says she has come under fire by her own professors for her conservative views and work with Campus Reform

In an interview with Campus Reform, Murray said the incidents began in 2019 when Syracuse professor Mark Rupert posted an article picturing her standing alongside President Donald Trump at a White House speech. Rupert, seemingly disgusted, simply captioned it “Ugh,” with someone commenting “I just threw up a little,” to which he replied, “me too.”

Rupert has engaged in numerous other online conversations about Murray. He called her a “right-wing agitator” when she wrote a piece for another outlet praising Trump for combating anti-Semitic attacks on college campuses, posting to Facebook, “A call for federal policing of campus speech by our local Right-Wing Agitator.”

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Murray posted a video of her asking a question at a Syracuse College Republican’s vs. Democrat student debate. The video shows a democratic panel insisting to Murray that anyone who agrees with Trump is “a racist and a bigot.” 

“It started with the articles… Now, this professor is actually tagging me online to his friends, to his followers, to go and harass me,” she stated.

She also claims that Rupert actively sought out her social media, as she says she has never interacted with him online. 

But Rupert is not the only professor to express their resentment toward Murray.

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In November, Murray filed a complaint with the college alleging that Deborah Pillow, an Anthropology professor at Syracuse, confronted her and grabbed her shoulder warning her about “overstepping her bounds.” 

In exclusive footage obtained by Campus Reform, Pillow tells Murray, “Your reputation precedes you” and to “be careful.”

Murray told Campus Reform that a meeting is being coordinated with Pillow by administrators to address the issue. 

Murray is growing concerned about her safety on campus. She alleges that recently, someone on a bus threatened her to his friends, as she claims to have overheard him identifying her as an “exploiter,’” saying “I’ll go confront her and I’ll call you when it’s done.” She intentionally missed her stop for fear of being followed to her dorm.

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“My family’s concerned. My parents are of course, as parents, a little paranoid about my safety,” she said.

But Murray is determined, vowing not to be silenced for her beliefs. 

“Until I graduate... I am going to continue exposing liberal biases because I really want to set an example for other conservative students… They don’t have to be afraid.” 

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