College Republican members named in Dem lawsuit

Three College Republicans members at California State University, Fullerton have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by the California Democrats organization.

CSUF CR’s helped lead efforts to recall California State Senator Josh Newman after the Democratic super-majority passed what conservatives deemed “a significant increase to car and gas taxes,” but Newman called the recall efforts “political cynicism and desperation” in May.

The June 29 lawsuit seeks to end circulation of the petition and put a halt to the recall process, naming CSUF CR members Amanda McGuire, Ryan Hoskins, and Brooke Paz as defendants.

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A press release from the CR’s states that the California Democrats filed the lawsuit to “undermine the democratic process of signature gathering,” accusing the Party organization of “falsely citing deceptive messaging as grounds for suing.”

“This is the latest in a long list of attempts by Newman and California Democrats to subvert the will of voters,” the press release says.

“The lawsuit is a shameful and frantic attempt to silence voters of the district,” she chapter Vice President Amanda McGuire declared. “The intimidation tactics espoused by the California Democrats should no longer be tolerated. It’s gone too far when college students are being dragged into court for becoming involved with the issues faced by their local cities.”

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“This lawsuit is the definition of frivolous and more than an obstruction of the very processes that every Californian should hold dear,” chapter Secretary Ryan Hoskins added. “By naming myself and my fellow club members as defendants on this lawsuit the California Democrats are attempting to scare us into backing down from this signature gathering effort. They will not succeed in breaking our spirit and, with the support of the California Republican Party, we will fight it in the court of law.”

Campus Reform reached out to Senator Newman’s office and CSUF for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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